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Episode 36 “Clowns Abound!”

October 15, 2014


To keep the spirit of Halloween going, we've not only got some weird and creepy web droppings for you, we put together a special dramatic reading of the first (of many?) Lost At Home Podcast fan fiction pieces. Listen as Freddy Krueger of Nightmare on Elm Street fame battles Pennywise from Stephen King's It for possession of tweens in Derry, Maine. Listen further as things heat up between the two monstrous icons and...well...just listen.

For web droppings this week: The Wasco Clown photography/art project terrifies California residents, a burglar leads cops to him by leaving a special stain inside a teddy bear at the crime scene, a bachelorette party goes awry, a sacrificial goat turns the tables on its sacrificers, a teen loses his virginity to an unlikely subject, and...SPIDERS! Sleep tight.