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Episode 38 “Death and Candy: The Halloween Spectacular!”

October 29, 2014


Wrapping up Halloween month with the OFFICIAL Halloween episode, we Mythbust urban legends about poisonous and dangerous Halloween treats. Turns out there's little to be afraid of when it comes to Halloween candy, aside of course from the diabetes and obesity. We also jump on the Ebola Train, adding our own spin to the media hype and fear mongering. To round out the show, we have our last group of scary-themed web droppings this month, with stories involving cannibalism: Pakistan Edition, a historian that takes grave robbing too far, a head master that resides over his old class in Romania as a skeleton, a Satanist in Oklahoma who takes his rage out on the 10 commandments, clowns that get naughty with dildos at a haunted house, a man who is granted a finance-free divorce because his wife is a genie, and Scott gracefully explains what munging is. Happy Halloween everybody!