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Episode 39 “Attack of the Drones!”

November 5, 2014


You think you're safe from drones? Think again! This week we tell you why you're in danger. Whether you're a human being hunted by a drone, an animal being hunted by a drone, or even a drone being hunted by a human, you're not safe! A little later, Bruce Bruce stops by to talk whale surfing and shark evading. And how many times is too many times to masturbate in a McDonald's drive-thru? Two. Two times. Also on the pod, a couple bangs it out in the back seat of a police cruiser on the way to jail, Dr. Lovinggood removes a patient's perfectly healthy kidney, and ISIS is after your pets! Listen 'til the end and get a preview of our new monthly podcast with Troll 2's Darren Ewing titled 'Horror in the Court,' in which we pit two horror movies against one another in a fictional court of law.