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Episode 43 “Stompings = Sales”

December 3, 2014


Thanksgiving is behind us, which means there are some obligatory Black Friday conversations to be had, although thanks to Cards Against Humanity it's much more entertaining than usual. And what kind of podcast would this be without some creamy celebrity gossip? Well, we don't have any so we decide to talk about Creed and Kirk Cameron instead. As far as web droppings go, we've got stories about a horny old sugar grandaddy who gets his comeuppance, the new reindeer deputies helping out in Siberia, and for once it's Scott who brings poo to the table--not literally, but in the form of the "poop powered bus" making routes in the UK. And last but not least, we get professional with a new custom theme song care of Kurt Von Stetten, an awesome Boston-area musician who was kind enough to grace us with his talents. Enjoy!