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Episode 163 “Swastipaws”

Snapseed-2.jpgIt’s a prime number episode, which means nothing except that Scott and Jer are dishing up a prime episode of weird news like any other week. In web droppings, Lost At Home brings you furries, Nazis, fast food social media, fun with Wikipedia and the scariest robots imaginable. Along the way, we learn of Scott’s ignorance of folklore and try to solve it using sports. Get Lost!


Episode 162 “Putin’s Octopussy”

162.jpgDo you miss McDonald’s Szechuan sauce as much as Rick and Morty? Does a bird slur its songs when drunk? What happens to a rat’s erection when you put tiny polyester pants on it? Lost At Home has all the answers to questions you’ll never ask this week in web droppings. In his Google Hole, Scott uncovers the secrets of Russia’s Organism 46-B: Is it a hoax or a weaponized sea creature? You can find out this and more if you get lost with us!


Episode 161 “The One From GMCE”

IMG_5065.jpgWhile overseeing the geeky awesomeness from the media box at the first ever Green Mountain Comic Expo, Scott and Jer whip up their first ever full episode recorded entirely live on location. First up is a roundup of April Fools web stories, from new fake Google products to Pornhub’s terrifying joke. Lost At Home also manages to scrounge up some web droppings and chat about Nigerian poisonous Coca-Cola products and drunk monkey knife fights. Bruce Bruce makes an appearance to talk about New Zealand and sheds some light on Peter Jackson’s unique directorial style. Get Lost!


Episode 160 “Debate Night”



In our first (and possibly last) debate night special, our good friend Nick stops by to argue politics with Jer, who swallows his pride in good debate fashion to pull out whatever pro-Trump arguments he can. Meanwhile, Scott plays moderator and gets drunk on moderator power (definitely not Svedka). But first, Mr. Jason Moulton (Moulton Conventions, VT Comic Con) stops by to talk about the upcoming Green Mountain Comic Expo and what it means for the future of Vermont conventions. Get Lost!


Episode 159 “Erotic Raccoon”


Can bug spray be used for religious healing? What exactly goes on at a “testicle festival?” Why does March Madness drive men to get vasectomies? These questions and more are covered (but not necessarily answered) in this week’s edition of Web Droppings.

Down the Google Hole, Jer digs into strange patents and inventions and plays a game with Scott: Inventions: Real or Fake? Do you know if self-playing harmonicas, pet Rumba’s or DVD rewinders exist in the real world? Listen up to find out, then get Lost!


Episode 158 “The Story of Juan Machete”


Was the Brazilian President chased from his home by g-g-g-ghosts? Why don’t they explode dead whales in Oregon anymore? How do I detect ALL pornography on my spouse’s computer? And what happens when an innocent robot that knows nothing of pornography does nothing but watch porn? All will be answered (sort of) during web droppings this week.

Down the Google Hole, Scott treats us to the story of Juan Machete and other Latino urban legends. Get Lost!


Episode 157 “Toxic Aural Mold Ghosts”


Web droppings this week bring an odd living will from the president of PETA, the revelation that a certificate from Sizzler isn’t the same as a business degree, real-life survival horror in reality show form and an anime that is weird, even for anime standards.

The Lost At Home Google Hole journeys into the realm of the Large Hadron Collider, why ghosts can’t exist and why we still see them. Get Lost!


Episode 156 “The Other One With Carter Mays”


A Lost At Home first: we get our first full returning interview guest. Carter first appeared on the show in its infancy to promote Bad Chicken and is back to discuss his latest movie, Inside Scarlett, and even some of his upcoming work. Don't miss out on our chat about independent filmmaking, puppets and pet chimps. Get Lost!


Episode 155 “Go Ark Yourself!”

Go Ark Yourself


In a sort-of return to old form, Lost At Home brings back Web Droppings for the top of the show, bringing stories that slipped through the cracks like a Texas resolution urging Lone Star State citizens to stop mixing up their state flag with Chile’s flag. On top of that, listen to a remix of a New Zealand soap opera, check in with Kung Fu grandma and Hitler’s old phone gets sold.

Next up, Scott digs down a Google Hole filled with Jesus, dinosaurs and giants, courtesy of bat$#!t creationist Ken Ham. This ain’t your grandpa’s ark! Get Lost!


Episode 154 “Sex Crazed Sea Cucumbers”


Scott Damn does Scott bring an interesting hole to Google down to the show this week. Thanks to a nearly-random search generator, Scott brings to the table such tidbits as the history of Shelly's Leg, the first Seattle gay bar, the Great Molasses Flood, spite houses and introduces some fresh new slang into the lives of all listeners. Jer's Google Hole starts on a dismal note of drinking rat poison for the sake of religion and digs deep into the world of weird cult practices. Get Lost!


Episode 153 “Für Love of Country”


It’s a study of studies to start the Google Hole this week, when Jer digs into the bull$#!tiest of studies in recent memory. Why do female-named hurricanes kill more people than male-named hurricanes? What do you mean HTML isn’t an STD? And how would we know that cocaine makes people take more risks without an expensive study?

Scott takes a different turn when he starts digging into alt-right furries that sets him off into a hole rife with satanic Lady Gaga performances, Nazi dinner parties and Japanese monkey waiters. Hang out with us and get lost!


Episode 152 “Dante’s Circle of Friends”


Scott and Jer get back down the Google Hole after 3 weeks of special episodes and interviews. This trip, Scott uncovers some inappropriate uses of the Holocaust and Jeremiah explores the 9 circles of Hell. Get lost!