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Episode 154 “Sex Crazed Sea Cucumbers”


Scott Damn does Scott bring an interesting hole to Google down to the show this week. Thanks to a nearly-random search generator, Scott brings to the table such tidbits as the history of Shelly's Leg, the first Seattle gay bar, the Great Molasses Flood, spite houses and introduces some fresh new slang into the lives of all listeners. Jer's Google Hole starts on a dismal note of drinking rat poison for the sake of religion and digs deep into the world of weird cult practices. Get Lost!


Episode 153 “Für Love of Country”


It’s a study of studies to start the Google Hole this week, when Jer digs into the bull$#!tiest of studies in recent memory. Why do female-named hurricanes kill more people than male-named hurricanes? What do you mean HTML isn’t an STD? And how would we know that cocaine makes people take more risks without an expensive study?

Scott takes a different turn when he starts digging into alt-right furries that sets him off into a hole rife with satanic Lady Gaga performances, Nazi dinner parties and Japanese monkey waiters. Hang out with us and get lost!


Episode 152 “Dante’s Circle of Friends”


Scott and Jer get back down the Google Hole after 3 weeks of special episodes and interviews. This trip, Scott uncovers some inappropriate uses of the Holocaust and Jeremiah explores the 9 circles of Hell. Get lost!


Episode 151 “The One With Lloyd Kaufman: Volume 2″


It’s volume two of Lloyd Kaufman’s interview with Lost At Home. This time around, Uncle Lloyd, co-founder of Troma Entertainment that brought you Toxic Avenger and Poultrygeist, is subjected to our 10 questions, where we discover tidbits like the strangest prop he’s ever had to request from his SFX department and get some choice words in fluent French for the new U.S. President. Stick around and get lost!


Episode 150 “The Big 1-5-0″

Snapseed-1.jpgLost At Home turns 150 episodes old and we pull out all the stops to bring you the best possible guest we could ask for, thanks in large part to an influx of sponsors for the week. Peppered in along the way we have some new movie trailers, songs and a few other bits of hilarity. Listen in and get lost!


Episode 149 “The One With Lloyd Kaufman: Volume I”


It’s volume one of Lost At Home’s stellar interview with Lloyd Kaufman, co-founder of Troma Entertainment. If you’re a fan of Toxic Avenger, Tromeo & Juliet, Cannibal! The Musical or just good old weird, independent cinema, this one is for you. Volume one starts off strong with Golden Globe wordplay before Lloyd gives us the lowdown on what exactly the Troma spirit is, how the creative landscape has changed in this Internet era and why you should make your own damn movie! Check out Volume 2 in episode 151 for our 10 questions portion.


Episode 148 “212 = 666″


Scott picks up the Google Hole slack this week as Jeremiah hits a wall ranting about social media like he’s a 90-year-old luddite. Tune in to find out how one gets from Azealia Banks to human sacrifice in just a few short clicks. And what’s a bog body or a bog monster? And how does all this tie in to the Lindow Man and Woman? Get Lost and find out!


Episode 147 “2016 Year-End Semi-Spectacular”


It’s the last show of 2016 and Lost At Home is as happy as anyone to put this one behind us and move the f*ck on. So in this year-ender, Scott and Jer dig into some web droppings from 2016 that even fell through their cracks (insert butt joke here). Take a walk through 2016’s furries, cannibalistic f*ctopuses and the revival of Sinbad’s new old movie. And Bruce Bruce stops by for the first time in forever to talk stolen food ideas before we leave with an anthemic and spirited In Memoriam for the celebs we lost along the way. Get Lost!


Episode 146 “The Yuletide Boyz”


If a game of Monopoly gets out of control this holiday season, there's a hotline for that, which Scott discovers at the origin of his Google Hole this week. It's not long before The Lost At Home Podcast ends up in a weird story about creepy Nordic Christmas trolls. Later, Lost At Home digs deeper into international bogeyman folklore, after a detour through racial slurs you can call your white friends and cats that hang out in libraries. Get Lost!


Episode 145 “Argonaut Octopus Orgy”



From a dong fondling Florida woman to the odd sexual behavior of certain animals to the odd sexual behavior of certain people, the Lost At Home Podcast this week gets off to a sexy start down the Google Hole. When the loin dust has settled, Scott takes you on the long, strange journey of the history of The Florida Man, complete with haunted highways, shrimp genocide and famous Florida criminals. Get Lost!


Episode 144 “The Japanese KFC Special”


The trip down the Google Hole this week brings up a dose of holiday oddities, from failed reindeer promotions to the wonders of Christmas KFC (all I want for Christmas is oh-bee-sit-tee). And are you terrified of the inevitable artificial intelligence/robot takeover yet? If not, a creepy AI Christmas tune and a chat with iGod might steer you otherwise. And Sonic Jalopy teases a rough cut of his new Christmas track, It’s an AI Christmas. Now, get lost!


Episode 143 “The Buckethead Karaoke Dark Ambient Halloween Countdown”



This week's trip down the Google Hole, Scott and Jer venture from Buckethead's epic catalog of albums to the catchiest songs to strange world records and circle back around with serial killer Amazon reviews, famous last meals and the last words of death row inmates.