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Episode 196 “2017 Holiday Spectacular”

196.jpgIt’s the final holiday-themed show of the year and Scott and Jer pick back up on the old Puritan war on Christmas from the 1600s while Santa Claus pops by to say hello. We find out neat things about ol’ St. Nick, like how he doesn’t like poor people and has a crippling addiction to “snow.” In Web Droppings, the infant circumcision trainer makes another appearance, a half-naked Jesus stops traffic and Bruce Bruce and another special friend of the show stop by to talk Christmas in Australia. Get Lost!


Episode 195 “Holiday Horror”

195.jpgLost At Home digs into more holiday horror as Scott and Jer dive into the legends of Austrian witches, Norwegian gnomes, Icelandic cats, French cannibals, freestyling zombie horses and incontinent logs. Get Lost!


Episode 194 “Low-Effort Altruism”

194.jpgLost At Home gives back this holiday season with our first annual Cash 4 A Cause! Then, Jer shares a list of gifts to give people you hate, upside down Christmas trees are all the rage, China makes electric boats to ship coal, a Michigan Attorney General candidate finds a way to combat sexual assault issues in politics, Jesus hides a message in his ass and Lost At Home gets lost in Massachusetts! Get Lost!


Episode 193 “Krampus Fap Check”


In an effort by Lost At Home Podcast to make every holiday as Halloween-ey (haha...weenie) as possible, Scott and Jer dig into the legends of Krampus just in time for the winter holiday season. Get some background on the best damn seasonal demon on this here flat Earth. Keeping with the upbeat theme for the holiday of cheer, the show ends talking about various Internet suicide cults. Merry Holidays meatbags. Watch out for demons, cry yourself to sleep and get Lost!


Episode 192 “Pablo EskoBear”


The true story of Thanksgiving is told in epic fashion by Scott this week on the Lost At Home Podcast. Rediscover the wonder behind this magical holiday, from the werewolves, C.H.U.D settlers and native zombies to the traditional meal of smoked werewolf meat, lollipops and garden wasps. In Web Droppings, Scott and Jer dig into rentable friends and family and the Church of AI. And a new segment arrives, where Lost At Home digs into a bizarre story from a different state each week. Week 1: Kentucky’s Cocaine Bear. Get Lost!


Episode 191 “Baby Got Flat”


Boaty McBoatface sails across the flat Earth this week on Lost At Home Podcast as Scott and Jer dig into the boat name that won’t die and the Flat Earth Conference. Get Lost!


Episode 190 “Kissed by a Rose on the Gray”


Things get medical in the first batch of stories, aptly titled WebMD Droppings, with Wolverine wannabes, human flesh blowup dolls and cucumber douches. In Web Droppings proper, a haunted highschool, chainsaw suicide, dickless robbers and unwanted stripper grams flesh out the show. Get Lost!


Episode 189 “Creamed Cabbage”


Halloween Month is over at Lost At Home Podcast, so Scott and Jer get back to standard form, with all the tangents and obscure, unrelated Web Droppings. What news fell through the cracks while Halloween Month was taking all the glory? KFC is winning at social media and nail polish, giant robots battle, a 91-hour boner has negative consequences, iceberg mansions create problems across the pond and crab fashion shows are as adorable as they sound. Get Lost!


Episode 188 “Skin In the Wind”


It’s the final Halloween Month episode and Scott and Jer make it special by doing nothing different. Maybe it’s because they’re lazy or maybe it’s because there are just too many good stories to get to in this oversized, 90-minute episode.

Clowns get free Whoppers? Well isn’t that a “meaty” little story. Want to buy an alien ranch? What a “stellar” idea! Parents want to name their kid Lucifer? Well, that’s a “hell” of a name. A woman who sweats blood?! I bet she is so “vein.” Dancing with the dead spreads the plague? I guess it’s ok to have some bubonic with your Technotronic (younger than 35? Look them up). And when you die, you might not be dead!?! [insert stupid pun here]. Get Lost!


Episode 187 “SAJTAT”


Same format, new name (for a week)! Scott and Jer Talk About Terror in this 3rd Halloween Month episode. Whether it’s corpse-eating bears, drug-induced zombies or Friday the 13th flights to Hell, Scott and Jer have it covered. They also theorize what would happen if a Mogwai gave a BJ after midnight, because...you know...science. Get Lost!


Episode 186 “Loveland Frog: The Movie”


Scott and Jer dig into some cryptozoology this week and uncover some new monsters. What is the Loveland Frog? A Puckwudgie? The Pope Lick Monster? Lost At Home Podcast has the answers. And Vampires are loose in Africa, as discussed in this week's lone scary web dropping. To finish things off, Scott and Jer play a game called "Connect the Tagline," in which they quiz each other on a given horror movie tagline and have to guess the movie it belongs to. Get Lost!


Episode 185 “Indiana Jones and the Bones of Santa Clause”


It's Halloween Month at Lost At Home Podcast and Scott and Jer are coming to the table with a series of scary web droppings to make your skin crawl with laughter. Santa's grave is found, the scary clown epidemic spreads to Israel as the U.S. gets downgraded to vegan clowns and Burger King hijacks IT in Germany for marketing purposes. Scott also plays a new game with Jer called "Guess That Sexy Costume" before Lost At Home brings you their first horror movie picks of the week. Get Lost!