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Episode 146 “The Yuletide Boyz”


If a game of Monopoly gets out of control this holiday season, there's a hotline for that, which Scott discovers at the origin of his Google Hole this week. It's not long before The Lost At Home Podcast ends up in a weird story about creepy Nordic Christmas trolls. Later, Lost At Home digs deeper into international bogeyman folklore, after a detour through racial slurs you can call your white friends and cats that hang out in libraries. Get Lost!


Episode 145 “Argonaut Octopus Orgy”



From a dong fondling Florida woman to the odd sexual behavior of certain animals to the odd sexual behavior of certain people, the Lost At Home Podcast this week gets off to a sexy start down the Google Hole. When the loin dust has settled, Scott takes you on the long, strange journey of the history of The Florida Man, complete with haunted highways, shrimp genocide and famous Florida criminals. Get Lost!


Episode 144 “The Japanese KFC Special”


The trip down the Google Hole this week brings up a dose of holiday oddities, from failed reindeer promotions to the wonders of Christmas KFC (all I want for Christmas is oh-bee-sit-tee). And are you terrified of the inevitable artificial intelligence/robot takeover yet? If not, a creepy AI Christmas tune and a chat with iGod might steer you otherwise. And Sonic Jalopy teases a rough cut of his new Christmas track, It’s an AI Christmas. Now, get lost!


Episode 143 “The Buckethead Karaoke Dark Ambient Halloween Countdown”



This week's trip down the Google Hole, Scott and Jer venture from Buckethead's epic catalog of albums to the catchiest songs to strange world records and circle back around with serial killer Amazon reviews, famous last meals and the last words of death row inmates. 


Episode 142 “Disambiguation”


Through the Google Hole this week, Scott and Jer dig into the horrors of national parks after the morbid story of The Dissolving Man surfaces (unlike the man himself) at Yellowstone National Park. From there, journey into unusual deaths, German mass suicides, secret Nazi operations and dangerous hipster beards, all while the Flintstones try to sell you cigarettes.


Episode 141 “Six Degrees of Google”


Journey down the Google Hole as Scott and Jer test a slightly adjusted format for Lost At Home. See just how tangential a journey into Google can get when tangents are the goal. How does one get from leprosy-riddled squirrels to early 20th century personal ads? How about the path from Spain’s ban on memes to Mike Oldfield’s love of the Piltdown Man? Listen in to connect the dots with us. It’ll make you smarter?


Episode 140 “LAH Elections Special”


Scott and Jer recruit some friends to mix their annual Halloween skit with the horror that is the American election cycle in a Hellraiser V. Trump Election Special. After that, Lost At Home sets their aim at strange world politics, from the most fraudulent election ever to North Korea's Michael Jordan basketball. Learn something?


Episode 139 “The One With Dana DeLorenzo”


Dana DeLorenzo calls in this week to discuss her work as Kelly Maxwell on Ash vs. Evil Dead, from getting soaked with 30 gallons of blood to dealing with the pressure of working on such a beloved cult franchise. In our 10 questions, Dana provides us with a new super swear, discusses her World Series conundrum and picks a winner between Xena and 6 Million Dollar Man. As a bonus, we also get some insight on what makes Lucy Lawless so flawless and why Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi are the odd couple reincarnate.

Episode 138 “The One With Ted Raimi”


Evil Dead star Ted Raimi stops by this week on a special interview episode to talk all about Evil Dead, from the beginning to the new season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead. What was it like reuniting with Bruce and company? What kind of hell went into playing Henrietta in Evil Dead 2? What’s his favorite adult beverage? What kind of TED talk would this Ted give? Listen for all these tidbits and to get inside the head of Ted for much more.

Mini Pod “Writers’ Room Part III”

Become a fly on the wall for the the writing process, where Scott and Jer flesh out the final details of their upcoming Halloween Month skit featuring Lil' Donald Trump and some Hellraiser goodness.


Episode 137 “Black Trump Virus”

In the third Halloween Month episode, Lost At Home tackles some spooky web droppings with stories on the only legally haunted house in the U.S. and an odd missing persons shrine in New York. And have you wondered if anyone has ever died in your house? Scott and Jer set you on the right path with some tools to help find out.

In a discussion that will make your skin crawl, Scott and Jer talk diseases via a little game of “Is it Real?”

Episode 136 “Witch Camp”

The hunt is on for Witch Week, our 2nd Halloween Month themed week at The Lost At Home Podcast. Covering 21st century witchcraft using emojis, trips back in time when witches kept dinks as pets and Popes were even less progressive, and even covering two kinds of witch camps, Lost At Home is the place to satisfy your witch cravings. It’ll make you smarter?