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Episode 12 “Craigslist Horse F#ck Sting”


We are back again! Bringing you the news that is overlooked and shunned by the rest of the world! Internet, movies, music, geek news, and anything else we can poke fun at!
This week we cover a man who tries to have sex with a horse on craigslist, Ancient E.T. game burial ground is unearthed, Glow-in-the-dark roads debut in Europe, Corndog fights happened, Anthony Hopkins has himself a bloody rampage, Jer reviews D4NNY, Exploding Corpses happened, Upscale Taco Bell is now a thing, Star Wars sheds some weight, Richard Gere is better at being homeless than actual homeless people, and more!!
Plus we continue the #podcast war with the Nerdpocalypse!
Find us on twitter @thelostathome and leave us five star reviews on iTunes! We will read them on air!

Episode 11 “Drunk Monkeys”


We come back this week, from our amazing Flynt Flossy concert, fully recharged and ready to go! Are you ready?
What happens when Easter and 420 coincide on the same day? Why does Macaulay Culkin love pizza so much? The end of all spoilers? Powdered booze!?! KKK as a local watch dog group? Drunk monkeys!!!! Did the director of X-men do something he regrets? US airways is a dirty, dirty airline just tweet them and find out for yourself! Bruce Bruce Moran tells us why New Zealanders hate rabbits and much more!
Plus phase two of our extremely mature podcast war with The Nerdpocalypse Podcast! Welcome back to the Lost At Home Podcast!

Episode 10 “Booty Talk”


What would a booty sound like if it could talk? Who is the world's funniest drunk driver? What's the best use for a 5 lb gummy bear? Can I spend a little virtual time as Crack Mayor Rob Ford? Who is this Bruce Bruce Moran fellow I hear so much about? Can I make my own Beatle? I killed a squirrel for dinner but how do I prepare it?

If you've ever asked yourself any of these questions, this week's podcast is for you! Once again, we are here to provide all the answers. Oh yeah--and we started a podcast war.

Episode 09 “The One About Bunnyman”


On this week's podcast we talk to Carl Lindbergh, writer/director/producer of the Bunnyman films. We talk about the new installment, Bunnyman Massacre, as well as his influences, how to get a bus full of children to participate in a horror movie, and more. Also, this week: dingo droppings, substance abuse on a tricycle, bad tattoos, and the retrofuturistic sounds of Perturbator. 
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