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Episode 20 “The One With Mike Zapcic”


This week we talk to Michael Zapcic of AMC's Comic Book Men and the podcast I Sell Comics!, part of Kevin Smith's SModcast Network. Listen in as Mike talks comics, cooking, and Mexican mobsters. Later in the show Bruce Bruce Moran stops by to discuss Austria for some reason, Paramount announces that it now only makes sequels and reboots starring Mark Wahlberg, we take a ride on Liam Lynch's Tiger Train, and of course web droppings abound with stories involving sperm extractors, a swiss cheese pervert and more!

Episode 19 “I’m Not a Pervert, I’m Majestic!”


This week Scott smashes up his pelvis fucking a pool raft after a naked bike race goes awry. The race was forced to detour after the road was blocked by a bear oral sex orgy. The racers took a break to stay the night at a clown hotel next to a miner's graveyard. On a shopping trip to the local Walmart, a few broke off to masturbate and were surprised to run into a celebrity from the Twilight movies, who turned out to just be a pervert celebrity impersonator.

And last but not least, we have a sponsor! If you go to audibletrial.com/lost you can get a 30-day trial with a free audiobook download, which will help us keep this podcast going and make it better.

Episode 18 “Kenny Rodgerson: Serial Imposter”


This week, we tuck our tail-like dinks out the back of our Spanx and call it the clencher. In addition to that, we give props to the Wilt Chamberlain of Guinea pigs, learn where not to purchase penis enlargers, talk super sea predators and odd fetishes, and Scott explains the plot of Jurassic Park to all the dumb-dumbs that just don't get it. This episode is dedicated to those lost fishing cellphones out of cesspits.

Episode 17 “Jewish Midget Holocaust”

This week we discuss leaked Star Wars pics of pig monsters from Episode 7, IOS8 news, hover bikes, Star Wars pics of pig monsters, Facebook fails, hermits from Maine, Star Wars pics of pig monsters, Jewish midgets, South Korean parking spaces, Star Wars pics of pig monsters, the title of our show, and much, much more including Star Wars pics of pig monsters!

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