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Episode 51 “Midget: The Other N-Word”


Little people, midgets, dwarfs--call them what you will, but this week is all about them on the Lost At Home Podcast. Sit back as we give you the biggest dose of little, schooling you on some little person trivia, midget towns and a timeline of historical little people/midgets/dwarfs. We even bring Disney into it with Pinocchio, the Seven Dwarfs and Auschwitz...yes, for some reason you can't have Disney without antisemitism popping up somewhere. If that's not enough, how about some midget-related urban legends?

Oh, and we also tell you where you can rent a dwarf for whatever, as long as you fill out a questionnaire first.

Episode 50 “The One With Kurt Cobain”


Due to legal issues we were unable to record a full show for you. We can't get into all the details, but fear not as we were able to dig up a real gem from the Lost At Home Radio Hour archives.

This time we head back to 1994, when grunge was king, flannel was the couture du jour, and everyone was loving Ace Ventura...almost everyone. In this blast from the past, brought to you by similes, we talk Donkey Kong Country, battle it out in a yo mama joke off, discuss the console wars of the day (Sega Saturn vs. Playstation), and GMOs make their debut to the masses with the Flavr Savr tomato. Of course the real highlight is the second half of our interview with the Godfather of Grunge himself, Kurt Cobain. He talks to us about his influences, sex, and more!

Episode 49 “Dry Genitals: The Sexisode”


It's a Sexisode! This week, Lost At Home Podcast is your one stop shop for all things sex. Learn why women don't like looking at naked men (unless they have boners) and whey women prefer the smell of leather and gasoline to Axe Body Spray. Take a tour with us of some strange sex laws still on the books in the U.S. and then let's go globally bonin' as we take things international with some strange sex facts from around the world. In our Floridiots segment, a couple decides the best place to get it on is on top of a used Kia Sedona at a dealership. In Sex Droppings, a video game helps strengthen vaginas, another hot teacher doinks a student, and sometimes female ejaculate is just a whole lotta pee (according to studies). And thinking about sending a dick pic to that special someone? You might want to check out "I Saw Your Willy" beforehand to learn the dangers of doing such things.

Episode 48 “Malaysian Sex Droid”


Welcome to the year 2015! Let's take a trip to the present and discover the futuristic world of hoverboards, flying cars, Doc Brown's agonizing death by radiation poisoning and other Back to the Future "predictions." Then, we break last year's resolution by finally succumbing to the need to include a Florida segment, rightly titled Floridiots. What does it take to be a Floridiot, other than being from America's most flaccid dink shaped state? You could lock yourself in an unlocked closet for two days or vandalize your fortune-teller girlfriend's car because she foresaw you getting doinked by grandma with a sex toy. And on tap for web droppings, the Argentine President adopts a kid to save him from becoming a werewolf (only not really) and Play Doh enrages parents with a Dil Doh maker. Last but not least, Kanye West introduces us all to the new indie star Paul McCartney.
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