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Episode 64 “Sad Robot Want Happy Time?”


Sleep with the electric fan on? Your funeral bozo. Wanna go to heaven? Well, strippers are your golden ticket. What do you do if you have a surplus of lunch meat and not enough crack? Barter. Sad robot want happy time? It's called ecstasy R2 and it's f$*king amazing!

All this and more on this week's Lost At Home Podcast.

Episode 63 “Polish D!#k Ghost Town”


Star Wars! Star Wars! Han Solo! Star Wars! Storm troopers! Star Wars! AAAAHHHH!

Also...karaoke handjobs, a sex addict mom loves Twister, vintage toilet dildos, Satan, fake dentists, self circumcision fails and Thor makes love to a spruce. And more fun with Periscope!

Episode 62 “Causation vs. Correlation”


Did you know that the divorce rate in Maine correlates with the per capita consumption of margarine in the U.S.? This episode we touch on that and some other ridiculous causation vs. correlation stats. In the rest of our all web droppings show, a professor is in trouble for sending anal bead porn to her students, a man beds a scarecrow and dies from STD (scarecrow transmitted death), bull jizz is worth a lot of money, and if you need a homemade vasectomy just anger some elderly man at a construction site.

Episode 61 “The Lost At Home Variety Show”


This week we take a break from the abnormal to bring you a first in Lost At Home history. In the spirit of entertainment and those who have paved the way before us we bring you the Lost At Home Variety Show! Join us as we present skits, new songs from "Five Stars and Beyond the Pale" the 5 star review album Sonic Jalopy has been crafting, a couple of guest stars doing things, an interview with Samuel Chase of ChaseCon New York, British people, and a little bit more that we're not mentioning here right now because that would ruin all the surprises! Check it out! Share it with a friend! Let us know how it went on that social media we keep hearing about! And most of all come get lost with us!

Episode 60 “The One With Brutus the Barber Beefcake”


WWE and WCW wrestling legend Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake stops by the show to talk wrestling, beating up Hulk Hogan and his upcoming appearance at the ChaseCon Comic Convention.

In web droppings, Obvious Plant on Tumblr is a genius, a woman helps boys become men at a bar mitzvah, men inadvertently flirt with one another on Tindr and it turns out you can't get time off if you're sad about One Direction.

All this and more on this week's Lost At Home Podcast.
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