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Episode 68 “Going Goth”


How cool can a goth festival be? Germany proves that it can be pretty f@%kin' cool.

How about children's poetry? Well, South Korea has that one covered, if you like poetry about matricide.

What is art? Whatever it is, it's not stealing Instagram photos like a talentless dink.

And move over Rosetta Stone, learning a language is a whole lot better when sexy teachers are involved.

Settle down and take a minute to get lost with us...

Episode 67 “The One With Jack Thomas Smith”


Ever wonder what it would be like to bang a 3,800 pound Walrus? Have you wanted to taste human meat but just don't have the time to cannibalize? And skeletons in lawn chairs? Get a job Skeletor!

All that plus a sit down with Jack Thomas Smith from the 2014 horror flick Infliction and the upcoming film In the Dark. Jack talks about special effects, non-Twilight movie monsters and how an indie movie gets funded. Hint: it's something you can be a part of thanks to In the Dark's Indiegogo campaign.

Got a few minutes? Then you have time to get lost with us.

Episode 66 “The One With Nicki Clyne”


On this week's all new show we have another interview! Nicki Clyne, from Battlestar Galactica, sat down with us at ChaseCon 2015 last week and we had a blast chatting about whether breakfast cereal is actually soup, who her favorite Ghost Buster is, and more!

For the rest of the show we bring you more of the usual fun as well as a guest appearance by our Australian buddy Bruce Bruce Moran! We talk about stoners to-do lists and what it means to find a stick!

After that we jump back into the show again to talk about a controversial game that made its way onto Steam called "Kill the Fa@@ot." We celebrate the first anniversary of the invasion of Minecraft Denmark! We learn what it truly means to be an alcoholic and much much more! Got a few minutes? Then you have time to get lost with us.....

Episode 65 “The One With Babs Tarr”


DC Comics artist Babs Tarr sits down with us this week to discuss all things Batgirl, drawing and style. Then we get to know Babs even better with 10 questions, where we talk Star Wars, custom light sabers, bad pickup lines and tons of Game of Thrones.
After that, it's onto local bear news and web droppings, where we talk goat pranks, Jeffrey Dahmer and what to do with multiple vaginas. Finally, we end the show with a quick chat with Samuel Chase from our time at ChaseCon. It's an action packed week at The Lost At Home Podcast!
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