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Episode 80 “The Berenstain Rift”


Scott just blew back from New Orleans and boy is his jaw tired! If you like jokes similar and/or identical to that, stay tuned.

If multiverse conspiracy theories are your thing, we've got you covered there too with the Mandela Effect, or as it's now known, The Berenstain Rift thanks to El-P.

And there's plenty more this week too, like banned license plates, egg laying alien dildos, and a Ned Flanders themed metal band called Okilly Dokilly. So who's ready to get Lost At Home with us?

Special Presentation: Horror in the Court


With Scott in New Orleans this week, we at Lost At Home have decided to roll out a special presentation of our sister podcast, Horror in the Court. We are joined by the Honorable Judge Darren Ewing (Troll 2) who presides over the Court of Horror as Scott and Jeremiah pit two films with similar themes against one another. Our inaugural episode features troll against troll in Troll V. Smiley--it's classic trolls of old vs. 21st century's Internet trolls. Who will prevail? Only Judge Ewing can answer that.
Enjoy this remixed episode as we ramp up for a new docket coming this Halloween season!

Episode 79 “Juggalo Week II”


Grab your face paint, a bottle of Faygo and settle in for the 2nd Annual Juggalo Week on The Lost At Home Podcast.

We've got Gathering of the Juggalos coverage, juggalo weddings, juggalo and juggalette dating, passed out juggalos, electric Faygo, Busey's Beauties and even a juggalo-centric F#*k Idaho segment.

And Sonic Jalopy leaves us with a 5 Star Review song, you guessed it...juggalo style.

Episode 78 “The One About Ghostpuncher”


Horror is in the house as Jordan McCloskey stops by to talk up his anticipated new film Ghostpuncher, a story of one man, three ghosts and two fists.

Also on the show, a new Trashy McTrashTrash, KFC allows you to capture your life mistakes right from their photo printing chicken bucket and a poor hitchhiking robot meets its maker in Philly. Take a minute and get lost with us on the Lost At Home Podcast.
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