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Episode 93 “Garysexual”

Linguistics month wraps up with a discussion on all of those new fangled terms for people and how they want to be recognized sexually. We get informative and a little silly and learn what a Zucchini is! Then we delve into the world of Japanese torture toys and end with a tribute to ThanksKilling! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Episode 92 “Self-Earned Retro Abortion”


The language studies continue at The Lost At Home Podcast this week with a lesson in vulgar place names, filled with Cokkes, Twatts and Disappointment to name a few.

Also in the show, we've got fake fighting and real threesome apps, find out that Smurfs are actually dead homosexuals, shed light on the occult evil that was Saturday Morning Cartoons and read the Best Web Dropping Ever.

To close things out, we give a somber goodbye to a couple dear friends but cheer things back up by going out on the song Rugraps, a track from Ralphy London that makes us nostalgia in our pants.

Episode 91 “Cuckold Family Christmas”


Is your swear arsenal getting a little stale? Well, the Lost At Home Podcast looks to freshen it up with some classic curse words circa 1811.

And are you having trouble finding a gift for that special someone? Look no further than our new toy segment and get the lowdown on human centipede toys and Slave Leia merch.

In web droppings, we dig into tapeworms before they dig into us and chat about the blasphemy that is Starbucks.

Episode 90 “Anal Smoke Kit”


Find a friend and blow some smoke up his or her ass as Lost At Home digs into the finer points of language.

Then, find out what's in our Amazon cart. Hint: baby dicks.

In Web Droppings, we've got poop covered dildos, streaming DUIs, bad Canadian town slogans and a serving of Vermont roadkill.

And stay tuned to the end for a taste of the popocalypse, courtesy of Midwave.
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