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Episode 105 “Bathroom Shenanigans”


There are different types of truths out there and Scott and Jer pick some of the untruthy truths to pick apart this week. For instance, did you know that the 5-second rule isn't based on scientific evidence or that sharks can, and do, get cancer? In web droppings, we've got Hitler dicks, sheep condoms and stripclub shootouts.

Episode 104 “Sharknado: The One With David Michael Latt”


An F-5 Sharknado touches down at Lost At Home studios this week as David Michael Latt, co-founder of Asylum Studios, Skypes in to talk all things sharks and the art of the "mockmuster."

In addition to Sharknado, Asylum Studios is responsible for such gems as the Mega Shark franchise, Airplane Vs. Volcano and Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys. His 200+ films have drawn such stars as Mark Cuban, Lou Ferrigno, Mark McGrath, David Hasselhoff, Tara Reid, Christopher Lloyd, Shannen Doherty, Ne-Yo, a bunch of Backstreet Boys, Anthony Weiner and Jerry Springer, to name a few.

With Sharknado 4 in the pipeline, David gives us the scoop on the business of movie making, why sex with ants is bad and why he would be a great Mogwai/Gremlin owner.

To top the show off, Scott and Jer discuss the finer points of politics, like why the girth of Bernie Sanders' member matters.

Time to get Lost!

Episode 103 “Epileptic Turtle Semen”


The Earth is flat, so says some mediocre rapper and way more people on Facebook than should be allowed near a computer. Jer and Scott take a stab at the science behind flat Earth arguments, as well as the Zika virus, fringe medicine and haunted asian dolls.

Episode 102 “The Force Awakens: The One With Ana Maria Leonte”


The Force Awakens in this week’s interview with Ana Maria Leonte, also known as Dasha Promenti in the latest Star Wars film. Hear about her time on the set with storm troopers and J.J. Abrams, the surprising story of how she came to the set of the biggest movie of the year and her opinions on the inevitable robot apocalypse.

And Bruce Bruce stops by to lend a hand co-hosting, bringing some cannabis-related Australia chatter with him for Scott to chew on in a new installment of Dingo Droppings.

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