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Episode 130 “The One With Ray Santiago”


Ray Santiago calls in this week to chat with Lost At Home about what's in store for his character Pablo in the upcoming season of Ash vs. Evil Dead. In the process he tosses out some teasers (naked Ray? Ash-ey Slashy?) and some almost-but-not-quite spoilers. To end things, Ray takes a spin through our ten questions, where he fills us in on why cats kill, designs a light saber and chats a little Stranger Things. So come and get lost with Scott, Jer and Ray, Evil Dead style!

Mini Pod “Writers’ Room Part II”


Part II of the behind the scenes writing and brainstorming process for Scott and Jer's next Halloween radio play venture, consisting of a fine cross between Donald Trump, Hellraiser and, yes, Ed Wynn. Enjoy this extra nugget between episodes and be a fly on the wall as characters get fleshed out and ideas get savagely beaten around.

Episode 129 “Comic Con Countdown”

Join the Comic Con Countdown as Scott and Jer sit down with the mastermind of VT Comic Con, J "Jason" "Big Daddy" "Comics Adonis" "Meltin'" Moulton, and preview what’s to come in the Green Mountain’s grandest of geek gatherings.

And Web Droppings you ask? How about cat-hating popes, Stranger Things and inappropriate Pokemon?

Later, author Oliver Kranichfeld chats with Jer about his new work, Flatlander, debuting at VT Comic Con.

Find us and all this goodness at VT Comic Con August 27th and 28th!

Mini Pod “Writers’ Room Part I”


Listen in as Scott and Jer brainstorm ideas for this year's halloween special. Last year it was a two-part Star Wars special, the first year it was erotic fan fiction between monsters and this year Lost At Home ups the stakes again for an epic three-part event for the month of October. It hasn't been written yet, but be a fly on the wall as it gets fleshed out.

Episode 128 “Vampire Mutilation Marijuana Cigarette”


There will be blood this week as Scott and Jer take you on a journey through the past, present and future to bring you the hemoglobin-ist Lost At Home yet.

If you're looking to learn about blood-sucking popes, vampiristic Texans and repurposed horse phallus, you've come to the right place.

And if you're rich, listen up to the tips on how to get young off teenager blood!

Episode 127 “PedoChu vs. Blogger Ramen”


Politics abound this week Lost At Home brings you bags of RNC fetuses, Trump’s war on porno and Hillary’s war on art. And watch your back or you may be the next victim to a 5-year old’s assault. And are dolphins trying to take over the world?


Now wait out the Dolphin-pocalypse with The Lost At Home Podcast.
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