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Episode 155 “Go Ark Yourself!”

Go Ark Yourself


In a sort-of return to old form, Lost At Home brings back Web Droppings for the top of the show, bringing stories that slipped through the cracks like a Texas resolution urging Lone Star State citizens to stop mixing up their state flag with Chile’s flag. On top of that, listen to a remix of a New Zealand soap opera, check in with Kung Fu grandma and Hitler’s old phone gets sold.

Next up, Scott digs down a Google Hole filled with Jesus, dinosaurs and giants, courtesy of bat$#!t creationist Ken Ham. This ain’t your grandpa’s ark! Get Lost!

Episode 154 “Sex Crazed Sea Cucumbers”


Scott Damn does Scott bring an interesting hole to Google down to the show this week. Thanks to a nearly-random search generator, Scott brings to the table such tidbits as the history of Shelly's Leg, the first Seattle gay bar, the Great Molasses Flood, spite houses and introduces some fresh new slang into the lives of all listeners. Jer's Google Hole starts on a dismal note of drinking rat poison for the sake of religion and digs deep into the world of weird cult practices. Get Lost!

Episode 153 “Für Love of Country”


It’s a study of studies to start the Google Hole this week, when Jer digs into the bull$#!tiest of studies in recent memory. Why do female-named hurricanes kill more people than male-named hurricanes? What do you mean HTML isn’t an STD? And how would we know that cocaine makes people take more risks without an expensive study?

Scott takes a different turn when he starts digging into alt-right furries that sets him off into a hole rife with satanic Lady Gaga performances, Nazi dinner parties and Japanese monkey waiters. Hang out with us and get lost!

Episode 152 “Dante’s Circle of Friends”


Scott and Jer get back down the Google Hole after 3 weeks of special episodes and interviews. This trip, Scott uncovers some inappropriate uses of the Holocaust and Jeremiah explores the 9 circles of Hell. Get lost!

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