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Episode 164 “Lost & Found Grab Bag”

Snapseed-1.jpgScott is out this week but rather than leave a gap in programming, Lost At Home digs into its Patreon offerings to give everyone a sampling of the Lost & Found content available there. Listeners this week get treated to the very first episode of Lost & Found, Dingo Droppings: Travel Edition, in which friend of the show Bruce Bruce stops by to convince Scott to choose Australia over New Zealand for a vacation spot. Then it's time to move on to Meet the Northrups, a 90's style sitcom about a family of Northrups living in Iowa and their craaazzzyy misadventures. Get Lost (and Found)!

Episode 163 “Swastipaws”

Snapseed-2.jpgIt’s a prime number episode, which means nothing except that Scott and Jer are dishing up a prime episode of weird news like any other week. In web droppings, Lost At Home brings you furries, Nazis, fast food social media, fun with Wikipedia and the scariest robots imaginable. Along the way, we learn of Scott’s ignorance of folklore and try to solve it using sports. Get Lost!

Episode 162 “Putin’s Octopussy”

162.jpgDo you miss McDonald’s Szechuan sauce as much as Rick and Morty? Does a bird slur its songs when drunk? What happens to a rat’s erection when you put tiny polyester pants on it? Lost At Home has all the answers to questions you’ll never ask this week in web droppings. In his Google Hole, Scott uncovers the secrets of Russia’s Organism 46-B: Is it a hoax or a weaponized sea creature? You can find out this and more if you get lost with us!

Episode 161 “The One From GMCE”

IMG_5065.jpgWhile overseeing the geeky awesomeness from the media box at the first ever Green Mountain Comic Expo, Scott and Jer whip up their first ever full episode recorded entirely live on location. First up is a roundup of April Fools web stories, from new fake Google products to Pornhub’s terrifying joke. Lost At Home also manages to scrounge up some web droppings and chat about Nigerian poisonous Coca-Cola products and drunk monkey knife fights. Bruce Bruce makes an appearance to talk about New Zealand and sheds some light on Peter Jackson’s unique directorial style. Get Lost!

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