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Episode 179 “Teddy Roosevelt: Monster Hunter”


Scott was only gone for a week, but what a week it was. The fellas at Lost At Home Podcast play catchup and talk a little Trump, a little Nazis, but mostly break down Teddy Roosevelt’s obsession with monster hunting. Get Lost!

Episode 178 “A Lost & Found Teaser Special”


Scott is out on vacation this week, and rather than force you all to listen to an hour of him talking to himself, Jer instead pulls a couple of Lost & Found episodes from Patreon to fill the time and give a sneak peek of the content there for non subscribers. Included in the mix is an all-new episode, featuring a friend of ours Donny and his podcast Donny Goes To The Movies. There's also an oldy-but-a-goodie episode of Meet the Northrups and a classic tune from way back. Get Lost!

Episode 177 “Don’t Quit Your McDayjob”


Scott is back in the Lost At Home saddle as he and Jer discuss bra size discounts at Chinese restaurants, Microsoft Office world championships, jerking off to terrible movies, enema mascots and fried chicken beer. It's a busy one so buckle up and Get Lost!

Episode 176 “Snake Face Blindness”


With Scott out this week, Jer calls on the show’s good friend Jimmy Sinclair, better known as Jason Jr. from the hit show Meet the Northrups, to fill the gap as co-host. They attempt to cover stories ranging from R Kelly’s sex cult, the first creepy clown sighting of the year, king cobras in potato chip cans and zombie caterpillars. But mostly Jimmy just ruins the show. Get Lost.

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