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Episode 192 “Pablo EskoBear”


The true story of Thanksgiving is told in epic fashion by Scott this week on the Lost At Home Podcast. Rediscover the wonder behind this magical holiday, from the werewolves, C.H.U.D settlers and native zombies to the traditional meal of smoked werewolf meat, lollipops and garden wasps. In Web Droppings, Scott and Jer dig into rentable friends and family and the Church of AI. And a new segment arrives, where Lost At Home digs into a bizarre story from a different state each week. Week 1: Kentucky’s Cocaine Bear. Get Lost!

Episode 191 “Baby Got Flat”


Boaty McBoatface sails across the flat Earth this week on Lost At Home Podcast as Scott and Jer dig into the boat name that won’t die and the Flat Earth Conference. Get Lost!

Episode 190 “Kissed by a Rose on the Gray”


Things get medical in the first batch of stories, aptly titled WebMD Droppings, with Wolverine wannabes, human flesh blowup dolls and cucumber douches. In Web Droppings proper, a haunted highschool, chainsaw suicide, dickless robbers and unwanted stripper grams flesh out the show. Get Lost!

Episode 189 “Creamed Cabbage”


Halloween Month is over at Lost At Home Podcast, so Scott and Jer get back to standard form, with all the tangents and obscure, unrelated Web Droppings. What news fell through the cracks while Halloween Month was taking all the glory? KFC is winning at social media and nail polish, giant robots battle, a 91-hour boner has negative consequences, iceberg mansions create problems across the pond and crab fashion shows are as adorable as they sound. Get Lost!

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