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Episode 219 “Sand Facts”


Did you know the world is running out of sand and black market sand is actually a thing? SAND FACTS! On this episode, Scott and Jer explore more facts about the worldwide sand crisis and what is driving it. In other web droppings, Lost At Home brings you drunk kangaroos, coked up eels, a greedy, gluttonous cash-eating rat, the healing power of hot dog water and poor promotional campaigns care of Russia and Burger King. Get Lost!

Episode 218 “Transgator”


Crows are attacking in your neighborhood and only Lost At Home Podcast can help you stay safe. While Scott and Jer are saving your life, they are also informing you about a crazy ex that could ruin your clarinet dreams, crocodiles that are being forced to be trans with urine, illegal forms of self defense in Texas and spiders that fly. Get Lost!

Episode 217 “Baer With Me 3″


The boys at Lost At Home need to take a week off but that doesn't mean they are going to slack on content. Scott and Jer were able to record another episode of Baer With Me to fill the void. This third installment down the WikiHole brings us into the adorable world of animal political candidates, including a trip to New Zealand where a small village has seen two animal presidents. Luckily there is time after this to also discuss animals with college degrees. Get Lost!

Episode 216 “Utah Dracula”


A courtroom penis. Sesame Street sues. Dracula helps free a Utah man from Venezualan prison. eBay doesn't want you selling dead babies, fake or otherwise. Hero rats clear land mines. The future of dairy exists in cockroach crystals. Robot dogs get the people treatment upon death in Japan. Sonic Jalopy debuts his new song Utah Dracula. All this and very little else on this week's edition of Lost At Home Podcast. Get Lost!

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