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Episode 223 “A Nightmare on 9/11″


Before Web Droppings proper, Scott and Jer dig into the origins of the My Pillow guy. Who says crack and pillows don't mix? Has anyone ever said that before? No? Well we are saying it, and then we are debunking it!

In Web Droppings, the Lost At Home boys revisit the evil sarcophagus from last week, learn that cats have accents, and what they sound like, pick on Jenny McCarthy a little bit and discover that dildos + bulls = art. Get Lost!

Episode 222 “Halloween in July”


Screw Christimas, it's Halloween in July. As you may know by now, Scott and Jer almost exclusively celebrate Halloween in place of all other holidays, so instead of Christmas in July, Lost At Home Podcast brings you creepy tales from history, the web and our listeners. A mysterious sarchophagus is discovered in Egypt, history's fastest amputator kills three for the price of one and the "Indiana Hannibal" serves up some grotesque backyard BBQ. Finally, our listeners chime in with stories of their scariest encounters. Get Lost! 

Episode 221 “Daenerys Tarragon”


Killer books, Game of Thrones is contraband, crows are assholes and seagulls are drunks. Get Lost!

Episode 220 “Upload Your Download On My Face”



Poor people with six figure incomes, Australian bag rage and a historic Batman orgy fills the minutes in this week's Lost At Home Podcast. Also, Scott and Jer channel Sly Stallone and we tease some lost hip hop track from Meet the Northrups' own Jason Jr. Get Lost!

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