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Episode 241 “The Taken Clause”


Scott and Jer start the week off with a stupid game about blockbuster 90s movies. Then they pick some not-so-stupid holiday-themed horror movies for you. Then they talk about a stupid app. Then they stupidly talk about object sexuality. Get Lost, stupid.

Episode 240 “Noodles and Beef”


09B567D4-DE79-40A2-BB7A-45C0D40A526B.jpegIn a very special Thanksgiving episode, Scott and Jer chat about holiday horror movies and a Thanksgiving cryptid known as Gobblesquatch. Then it's time to move on to satanic ball injections and how LASERs caused the California wildfires, because why not? The show ends when Jer gets mad at Marvel movies for no good reason. Get Lost!

Episode 239 “Bigfoot Goes to School”


Scott and Jer chat about prime numbers, mourn Stan Lee's passing in their own unique way and pass along some more past story updates on Bigfoot and Guy Fawkes. In Turkey Droppings, Bigfoot takes center stage yet again before a little aside on the Church of Satanism takes over. Get Lost!

Episode 238 “This Guy Fawkes”


November, November, the 5th of remember. Scott and Jer remember Guy Fawkes before breaking into Thankskilling Week 1 with Turkey Droppings that cover a woman marrying a ghost, bad ideas for Halloween decorations, antique electric chairs, an Antarctic expedition gone awry and severed heads. Get Lost!

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