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Episode 248 “Becky Ottoman”


Rapid fire news is back (but it needs a name). Scott and Jer fire off headlines that are just too good to leave out but didn’t quite make the Web Droppings cut. This includes a plea from Australia, porn taxes to pay for racist tokens, eternal Toto’s Africa, Russian love that’s so good it hurts, mac & cheese for the apocalypse and a warning from doctor’s about your vagina. In Web Droppings, a man injects his nut droppings to save his back and a woman pretends to be her own autistic twin for sexual purposes. Then we have dueling Satan statues, the St. Paul Slapper, dead man’s cocaine and the Robutt. Get Lost!

Episode 247 “His Head Just Did That”


After a brief aside about the Trump prophecy contained in a 50s western TV show, Scott and Jer dig into some previews for what to expect for new terms and trends in 2019. If you need to know about selfie wrist, the Asparamancer, social scores and the Bird Box challenge, Lost At Home is your place to learn. In Web Droppings, flat earth is revisited in the form of a cruise, despite the reliance on the Earth being a globe in order to properly navigate the oceans. My prediction: They're going to Get Lost! (see what I did there?)

Episode 246 “Kyle Brauch: Kleptomaniac”


It’s part two of the endless Kyle Brauch interview! Hot off the heels of his first call-in two weeks ago, we continue the craziness with 6 out of 10 questions before fading gently due to time constraints, but not before chatting about Roth and Hagar, celebrity impressions, playing f**k-marry-kill (Lost At Home edition), dig into Kyle’s past as a compulsive thief and hear a track from his band, Midwave. Get the full interview and more at patreon.com/lostathome. Get Lost!

Episode 245 “Vampire Time 2019!”


Arsonist vampires, Alabama’s Satan problem, demonic lawn ornaments, Zika meth and gingerbread men with real hearts! No, this isn’t another Halloween Month, it’s just how batshit crazy 2019 is starting at Lost At Home Podcast. Get Lost!

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