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Episode 264 “Beach Boner Blues”

A man gets an electric treat repairing a synthesizer. A woman has a Michael Jackson phobia. Dead body water is a hot commodity in Ghana. Pornhub makes boner-hiding shorts. Get Lost!

Episode 263 “Championship Games”

First up this week, Jer puts Scott’s knowledge of silly championship games to the test. Is competitive baby crying really a thing? Next up, Lost At Home digs into the wonder of oral AI. In Web Droppings, Americans don’t understand numbers and a man ball explodes. Get Lost!

Episode 262 “Possessions on the Bayou”

Scott is back from NOLA and the boys are ready to have their first standard Web Droppings show in a while. A theater frightens kids that came to view Detective Pikachu, and the frights weren’t due to the terrifying CGI of Detective Pikachu; A statistician has crunched some numbers on erotic manga; a manatee orgy stops traffic; and a YouTube channel has been streaming AI-generated death metal for nearly two months straight. Get Lost!

Episode 261 “Sexy Bird Songs”

It’s all rapid fire this week as Scott and Jer catch up on some quick tidbits including reasons to not spoil Avengers: Endgame, Facebook being a bastion for dead people, vampire facial updates and an official protocol for the Navy to report UFOs. Also, Sonic Jalopy provides a sexy remix of a bird song that has been FLYING up the charts in the UK...*cough*...F*$k you, I stand behind that joke. Get Lost!

Episode 260 “Sorry, You’re Welcome”

Lost At Home is filled to the brim with special guests this week! First, our good friend Sara makes a court-mandated appearance to give us a fresh new voice as we talk about Kid Rock and banned wagers on Jeopardy. Then Bruce Bruce and his new lady friend Piranhica pop in to chat about Australia’s plan to start a full-blown cat genocide. They also make Lost At Home Podcast history. Get Lost!

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