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Episode 271 “Cooler Full of Dicks”

Scott and Jer dig into some Florida Man stories to start the show this week. Need Area 51 raid insurance? A Florida Man has you covered. Need to know the outcome of Bacon Bitch vs. Breakfast Bitch? We'll help! In Web Droppings, we have masturbation in a can, a cooler full of dicks and some Lou Bega trivia. Get Lost! 

Episode 270 “The Aquaman of Tongues”

Scott and Jer start off the show with a quick rundown of recent weird world records attempted or broken before carrying that thread through into Web Droppings. There, we'll learn about Area 51, toxic Instagram destinations and heavy metal knitting. Get Lost!

Episode 269 “Unholy Water”

After an embarrassing correction and a Flat Earth Update, Scott and Jer dig into AAA to talk about the ramifications of DeepNude apps. In Web Droppings, a bishop wants to exorcise an entire city, Denver geese get the death penalty, Marvel jumps the shark and an Australian University wants to teach the world about metal. Get Lost!

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