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Episode 278 “Texas: We Lead the Charge!”

Lost At Home gets international this week, with Web Droppings from Germany to India, covering state-sponsored alcoholism to rotten fart contests. Get Lost!

Episode 277 “Tetris & Chill”

The first half of this week's show is dedicated to quirky facts about sexing your calories away and updates on farting security guards. In Web Droppings, Lost At Home covers pending nuptials for a woman and her Tetris cartridge, quirky Florida bikers and a new sexy costume just in time for Halloween. Get Lost!

Episode 276 “Mike the Headless Chicken”

Scott and Jer tackle some serious animal orgy in a new segment covering stories Lost At Home missed the first time around. An update on drunk animals is also on tap before Web Droppings explores Mike the headless chicken, frog nuptials and some serious national anthem mixups. Get Lost! 

Episode 275 “Grandma’s Puppet”

After a week off, an update on New Zealand (AKA Japan) and a new "quirky fact of the week" segment leads off this week. In another new segment, Let's Sue People, we find out that Red Bull doesn't give you wings. In Web Droppings, a nurse finds an unorthodox use for a patient's vagina, robot strippers make their debut in France and anti-groping stamps debut in Japan. Get Lost!

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