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Episode 282 “Sleep Pervert 2019″

Another set of horror movie recommendations, a shoutout to Shudder and some horror pilots start the show before Lost At Home showcases Iowa in its State of Horror segment. In Spiderweb Droppings, the annual Costume Game makes another appearance, a man takes drastic actions against imaginary zombies and is there a correlation between monsters and politics? Get Lost!

Episode 281 “Botched”

After another set of horror recommendations, Scott and Jer start up a new State of Horror segment, offering a quick peek at something creepy and/or disturbing in a new state each week. Scott also has some new horror pilots before Spiderweb Droppings brings you blackface pumpkins, botched assassins and offensive costumes: kids edition. Get Lost!

Episode 280 “Happy Arbor Day Casey Anthony!”

Scott and Jer start off Halloween week two with some more horror recommendations and new horror movie/show pitches. In Spiderweb Droppings, Lost At Home brings you a midwest basement flooded with blood, a hidden family that misjudged the end times and a blob of slime that will inevitably take over mankind (robots be damned!). Get Lost!

Episode 279 “Beat Me to Jesus!”

It's Halloween Month 2019 and Lost At Home is keeping things spooookkkkkyyyy. This week starts with some horror movie recommendations before Scott pitches Jer some new horror movie/show ideas. Then it's into Sports Blast before it's time for more scary in Spiderweb Droppings, complete with a sacrificial cult and an alien worm. Get Lost!

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