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Episode 301 “We Recorded This On Halloween”

It's October 31st, 2020, and Scott and Jer are finishing off Halloween Month with some Spiderweb Droppings ranging from haunted Swedish Burger Kings to mutant crayfish takeovers to brutal Halloween decorations. Get Lost!

Episode 300 “The One With Matt Granger”

This week, Lost At Home sits down with Matt Granger, who has worked over 21 years in the film industry on movies like X-Men and Cabin in the Woods. Get some inside scoop on Hugh Jackman's casting as Wolverine, the ins and outs of the making of Cabin in the Woods, and how COVID has affected the film industry. In 10 Questions, Matt chimes in on dystopian futures, Halloween candy, mutant powers, aliens and bigfoot. Get Lost!

Episode 299 “Hell’s Gay Bible”

It’s another Halloween Month episode and Scott and Jer start with some horror movie picks and an update on a previous story with the official Gay Bible of Hell. In Spiderweb Droppings we have venomous caterpillars to add to our list of 2020’s horrors, profanity filter fails and vaccines that may or may not turn you into a monkey. Stay spooky and get Lost!

Episode 298 “The Slaughter Phase”

It’s a late start to Halloween Month but Scott and Jer make it worth the wait, with their usual horror movie picks and a slate of spooky web droppings ranging from possessed nuns to murder hornets to zombie grandmothers. Get Lost!

Episode 297 “World Edging”

Stupid and evil apps start of this week before Scott and Jer dig into Web Droppings, where you’ll hear about feral swine bombs, a major flat earth fail and a New England transexual satanist anarchist sheriff candidate. Get Lost!

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