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Episode 08 “Jeremiah Records Naked”


With Scott out on his honeymoon, Jeremiah attempts to entertain on his own, fails, cries, pisses his pants, and has to record the rest of the podcast naked. Also...Flynt Flossy again.

Episode 07 “You Call That an Obituary? THIS is an Obituary.”


This week, we return from the pub on St. Patrick's Day to record the podcast, giggle too much, and swear more than we should. Scott explains his fear of pirates, MacGyver becomes a verb, Kevin Bacon is amazing, and Australian Batman reads his greatest movie quotes. Also, Paul Hogan turns out to be alive and well.

Episode 06 “The One About Rocket Raccoon”


This week we interview Sallie Bent of Oreo and Friends, Animal Encounters UK, on her involvement with Marvel Studios and the upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy. On our first ever themed episode we talk future communication tech for animals, rattlesnake bites in Australia, parrots that help convict murders, pigeon arsonists, and much more in the realm of animals!

Episode 05 “Too Many Kevin Bacons”


This week the guys talk about stabbings inspired by The Following, drunk teachers, honest students, Cosmos; the new show with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Porn MD's live web search crawl, the rapper Flynt Floss, Kevin Bacons, space elevators, 3D printed heart sleeves, cosplay stabbings, Pizza Hutt UK and the man who could not be pleased, Australian accents, and much much more!
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