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Episode 215 “Suicidal F**k Rats”

Marsupials that bang until they die. Cheating cheating husbands out of Bitcoin, one scam at a time. The hilarious new study that requires bullying a plant into a slow death. A new cheesy way to do MDMA. Hitler is dead. All of these wonderful stories brought to you in hi-fidelity stereo sound at a blistering 160Kbps by the boys at Lost At Home Podcast. Get Lost!


Episode 214 “Salmon Dance”

This week, Scott and Jer hack your Alexa, tell Anne Frank's dirty jokes, uncover the starvation-based patriotism of dolphins and learn it's never a good idea to take a selfie with a deadly animal. Also, friend of the show Sammy the Salmon flops by the show for a cameo. Get Lost!


Episode 213 “Sexecutioner”

After a very brief aside to chat about Kanye, Scott and Jer dig into the myths that are Australia and Finland--they don't exist--in the lone Web Dropping. The rest of the show is dedicated to all things NXIVM, the upstate New York sex cult. Get Lost!


Episode 212 “Double Dragon Duck Hunt”

Scott and Jer are finally back to the standard format after a few weeks of miscellaneous content filling the gaps. In this episode: blockchain jumps the shark with a blockchain toothbrush, Danny Devito gets his own holiday, kangaroo carrot attacks are real, laser vision is just around the corner and a karate man shows off his version of Duck Hunt by going Bruce Lee on innocent birds. Get Lost!


Episode 211 “Dingo Droppings: The One With Scott Baer”

Jeremiah is away this week and calls upon his good friend Bruce Bruce to step in and cover. Bruce Bruce was kind enough to provide his first ever Dingo Droppings podcast episode as the filler, with his inaugural guest being none other than Lost At Home Podcast's Scott Baer. Scott and Bruce Bruce debate which country is weirder based on recent news nuggets: The U.S. or Australia? During a pre-recorded housekeeping segment, Jeremiah and Scott also discuss some upcoming Patreon plans. Get ready for an influx of randomness Patreon subscribers! Get Lost and then get eaten by a dingo and turned into Dingo Droppings. What a great catch phrase.


Episode 210 “Baer With Me 2: Sex Cult”


It's the conclusion of Baer With Me, the series of historical tidbits fresh from Scott's Wikipedia holes. This week Lost At Home discusses a single story--the Hernandez Brothers' cult. This story has it all: sex, murder, a resurrected Aztec goddess, blood drinking. It's no wonder Scott and Jer take the entire show to tell the story and brainstorm an entire movie scene-by-scene in the process. Get Lost!


Episode 209 “Baer With Me”


To transition Scott and Jer back into Lost At Home territory after Scott's two weeks off, the boys have a slightly modified take on the format this week. Scott dug deep into the Wikipedia hole during his time off and came back with some interesting facts to riff on. Want to know the Small Penis Rule? Ever wonder what trees will sting you? Ever wanted to spend time inside a sex box that cures cancer? Ever wanna take a ride on a rocket train? If you answered yes, no or maybe to any of those questions, this episode is for you. Just Baer with us and get Lost! 


Episode 208 “The One With Kitty Glitter”


Amazon author Kitty Glitter Skypes in this week to discuss all things erotic fanfiction, what makes Kitty tick and answers our 10 questions. With titles like "Jason vs. Katy Perry" and "The Wet Clits," there's a lot of fun to be heard. Staying with the erotic fiction theme, Scott and Jer devote the remainder of the show to air clips from never-before-heard erotic fanfiction, much of it straight from Lost At Home fans (and creators). Get Lost!


Episode 207 “American Chop Suey”



Scott is away for a much-needed week off, but (un)luckily for you listeners there's enough random LAH brain matter tucked in all sorts of folders on Jer's computer. It's a stir fry of random skits, songs and news, most of which have never been aired. Peppered in are also a couple of Jer's favorite classic skits from the past and a little erotic teaser to preview next week's interview episode. Settle in for some American chop suey, Lost At Home style and get Lost!


Episode 206 “Super Monster Wolves”


There’s a lot to talk about this week before Scott and Jer take a couple weeks off from delivering timely news and replace it with some pre-recorded content. So what "news" is important enough to make the cut? Missouri prohibition, cackling Alexa, Katy Perry killed a nun and liked it, boar fighting robot wolves in Japan, terrible GoFundMe ideas and unrealistic Oscar-winning fish beastiality. That’s it. Get Lost.


Episode 205 “In the Year 2525″


Coming to you from the past, Scott and Jer are ready to take you to the future as Lost At Home gets lost in the year 2525. With a focus on futurology, the boys dig into stories about a man from the year 6000, social workplace robots and uncover why we will someday be bowing down to crayfish overlords. They also take a real shallow look at deepfakes, so take a ride to the future and get Lost!


Episode 204 “10% of Americans…”


Scott and Jer start with a legislative follow up to let you know where your hard-earned tax dollars are going: to thoughts and prayers and banning porn. In Web Droppings 2.0, Facebook gets creepy, a mom and son sex ring has trouble staying under the radar, Putin asks citizens to name Russian Nukes (Boaty McBoatface?) a woman tries to poison her doppelganger and some surveys uncover how dumb some Americans are. What kind of wacky ideas will the gents from Lost At Home come up with given all that fodder? Tune in to find out and get Lost!