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Episode 16 “Tasmanian Ghost Adultery”

This week we delve into the world of people having sex with stuff they shouldn't, the bread bowl flesh light is invented, ghost hunting that reveals infidelity, the death of the kung fu grip creator, some shitty rich people getting married, how taunting bison isn't a thing people should engage in, the end of #podcastwar, ObamaCare dildos, and our first ever Hitler Award!

Lost At Home Mini #1 - iDildo from Apple

Apple-logo.jpgWelcome to the future! Apple unveils the first ever ad for the new iDildo!

Episode 15 “The One With Edumacation Andy!”


This week we sit down and talk with Andrew McElfresh! Past writer of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, current podcaster with Kevin Smith on Edumacation, and co-writer (with Kevin Smith) of the upcoming movie Anti-Claus! Andrew drops some new knowledge on the upcoming film and then drops some Edumacation on us as we play "Why" with him ala the Edumacation podcast. Jer and Scott stand in for Kevin Smith and learn some new stuff. We also manage to find time to talk about peeping pastors, a middle age woman sneaking back into high school, giant dino sperm, mystery YouTube channels, and more on this week's Lost At Home Podcast!

Episode 14 “Tonka Rodeo”


This week on the podcast: Satanism gets some monumental respect, McDonald's is healthy, how to properly poo in India, a Japanese cabbie watches women pee, people in the UK love to party, whiskey bacon, strange sex laws and a new Apple product gets unveiled exclusively for our listeners! 

Episode 13 “Tantric Prostate Exam”


What do the Honeymooners, Sting, Star Wars and RedTube have in common? Nothing, but listen to this week's episode as we attempt to weave such things together. We also discuss the Periodic Table of the Elements, concealed weapons, a bad way to drink Fosters, and much, much more.

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