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Episode 29 “How much is that Goblin in the window?”


Did you know Africa has a goblin problem? You do now! Join Scott and Jeremiah as they journey across the globe to discuss rapey goblins and non-rapey goblins in Zimbabwe, bad reasons to call 911 in Montana, when it's okay to be a peeping Tom in Egypt, anti-Semitic pasta dishes in Taiwan, and the best excuse you can have for being late to work in West Virginia (it includes traffic, chickens, assault rifles, IEDs and a jar of marijuana). Won't you join us on our international endeavor?

Episode 28 “Picklemania.”


This week on the pod we get some gossip on the Star Wars front, get excited about the Wet Hot American Summer Netflix series, Scott sees a guy get hit by a car, Bruce Bruce stops by to talk sexist Australian ads, and we get introduced to the world of Croatian rap, via General Woo, and Croatian penis collecting--what next, a mushroom stamp collection? (bah-dum)

Episode 27 “Juggalo Week”


Forget sharks, it's Juggalo Week! What else needs to be said? Grab a bottle of Faygo, make yourself up to look like a dip$#!t clown, leave your integrity at the door, and get ready to trash it up with Scott and Jeremiah. Wanna know about magnets and how those work? Too bad, only God knows. Stuff it scientists, or should I say "liar-tists!" No Juggahos allowed.

Episode 26 “Parenting 101″


In our accidentally almost themed "sexisode," we touch on the recent epidemic of people neglecting their children to get freaky (sometimes in a hot tub, sometimes in a Walmart parking lot), discuss starter porn, or "smut training wheels," using Fapworthy, and find out there's a difference between improperly cooked calamari and a condom. In non-sex news, we introduce the world to a little-known indie film called Guardians of the Galaxy--we hope it gets the attention it deserves someday--and listen in on some of the "best drops ever." 

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