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Episode 33 “Here There Be Australian Dragons”


This week on the pod, Scott and Jeremiah discuss the lack of alpaca porn in the world, give you a little iPhone 6 news that may have gotten lost in the fray, and Bruce Bruce stops by to talk about Mandarin Chinese while Scott attempts to just talk Mandarin Chinese. Also on the podcast: Scott's take on a vague dispute about Hot Pockets, a man stabs his roommate over a loud threesome (jealous much?), a man surprisingly has to get ball bearings surgically removed from his penis and a woman decides to add another boob, ala Total Recall. There's also some news regarding a new horror-themed podcast with Darren Ewing of Troll 2 fame and the podcast gets its first comic con invite thanks to ChaseCon!

Episode 32 “Porn for the Blind”


Why should the blind be left out when it comes to the wonders of pornography? Luckily they don't have to be anymore, thanks to the charitable work of pornfortheblind.org. Join Scott and Jeremiah this week for a sample of a few entries. You'll want more, we promise. Also on the pod: Mac Lethal inspires with a new track, Channing Tatum wants to touch your junk, a new boob squeezing s(t)imulator allows geeks to get denied sexual activity even in the virtual world, how much masturbation a man can handle before dying, crack tarts, toddler daycare fight club part 2, and a motel owner gives guests much more molesting than they bargained for (that'll drive your Yelp reviews down the toilet).

Episode 31 “Rapture Pet Daycare”


What happens to your beloved soulless, godless, unbaptized pets after you get raptured? As troubling as it sounds, lil' Fluffy won't be going with you when you join the Lord, but that doesn't mean your pet has to fall victim to starvation or fend for itself in a post-apocalyptic Mad Maxian animal frenzy free-for-all! This week on the podcast we'll point you toward a service to take care of your pets post-rapture. Also on the pod: My Parents Open Carry book reviews, toddler fight club, why it's never ok to look at porn at work, what $85 worth of mayo really buys you, hallucinating hostaged hopheads, a masturbating meth head resists arrest, Zimbabwe: Panties Edition and of course, Coolio releases a song about whacking off to Pornhub. Buckle up folks and get the facts on the Lost At Home Podcast.

Episode 30 “The One With Bill Zebub”


This week we have an interview with Bill Zebub, renowned film director, writer, producer, actor, radio personality and publisher. We talk about his upcoming movies, including Holocaust Cannibal, and pick his brain about metal, his death metal mag The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds, get philosophical, solve racism, and learn how not to urinate into bottles. Of course there's much, much more in this epic one-hour special interview episode.
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