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Episode 47 “2014 Year End Spectacular”

No year-end roundups, no "This year in," just more Lost At Home to end your 2014. In this "Year End Spectacular" we say goodbye to the holidays with some help from Krampus, the Christmas demon. After a Krampus history lesson, we talk Pornhub polls, which tell us crucial information about international porn preferences. Also: McDonalds gives late-night customers a hardcore pornographic treat, a McChicken becomes a weapon, Walgreens realizes swastika wrapping paper isn't ideal for Hanukkah, and a woman gets some dandy Nazi propaganda in a gum ball machine. To end the year, enjoy some of our favorite new music, Fartbarf!

Episode 46 “They’re Watching You.”


We're all being watched. As adults, we all know that, whether it's by the NSA, hackers, or just that creepy neighbor. But now it's time to indoctrinate our children into this. Enter Elf on the Shelf! There hasn't been a better way to scare your kids into feeling like Big Brother is watching since the 1984 Edition of Teddy Ruxpin. Join us as we talk about the implications of Elf on the Shelf, with an occasional aside to talk about sex with pumpkins. We also touch on a Christmas haunted house and porn actors singing Christmas carols. Not to be upstaged, the great Christopher Lee brings us some Christmas carols of his own, metal style! Happy Holidays from Lost At Home!

Episode 45 “The One With Erin McGathy”


Famed podcaster and comedian Erin McGathy joins us this week to talk about the weather, relationships, her recent marriage to Dan Harmon, her work on Harmontown, Funny Or Die, sketch comedy, art and of course about "This Feels Terrible," her successful podcast covering "love, sex and all matters of heartbreak." We then subject her to our 10 questions that take some fun tangential turns, from bestiality to Los Angeles sunsets.

To end the show, we touch a bit on Shia LaBeouf's ups and downs and go out on Rob Cantor's song about Mr. LaBeouf himself.

Episode 44 “Home Alone for the Holidays”


It's a sort-of-not-really-almost Holiday themed episode, starting off with a little discussion about Christmas this week. Of course, where would a Christmas discussion be without examining Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas (for the third week in a row)? Then there's Home Alone's stark similarities to the Saw movie, and a pastor gives us all a Holiday gift when he bestows upon us how to rid the world of AIDS. Also, Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad releases the Yo Bitch app, the UK bans many wonderful sex acts in porn, a group of innocent furries get gassed, and masturbation makes its way to Kohl's. Of course in between all that we'll put the magic Lost At Home spin on things and take a side turn into horse fellatio and home stigmata kits. We end this week's episode on with the song Nature is a Ride or Die Bitch by Kurt Von Stetten, the composer of our wonderful new theme song. Happy Holidays!!

Episode 43 “Stompings = Sales”


Thanksgiving is behind us, which means there are some obligatory Black Friday conversations to be had, although thanks to Cards Against Humanity it's much more entertaining than usual. And what kind of podcast would this be without some creamy celebrity gossip? Well, we don't have any so we decide to talk about Creed and Kirk Cameron instead. As far as web droppings go, we've got stories about a horny old sugar grandaddy who gets his comeuppance, the new reindeer deputies helping out in Siberia, and for once it's Scott who brings poo to the table--not literally, but in the form of the "poop powered bus" making routes in the UK. And last but not least, we get professional with a new custom theme song care of Kurt Von Stetten, an awesome Boston-area musician who was kind enough to grace us with his talents. Enjoy!
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