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Episode 59 “Break Me Off a Piece of that Whopper Stench”


Looking to legalize ignorance, bigotry AND execution? Can my medicine start texting me and if so, will Viagra only send me dick pics? Love that BK Whopper smell so bad you need to share it with everyone?

And are you rich but bored? Lost At Home has a prescription for you and it's called Shut the F**k Up and Listen. Time for another dose ya dweebs.

Episode 58 “Shrimp Cloud”


Is there a mystery pooper living right next door to you? Isn't there a faster way to get drunk that doesn't require sooo much liquid? Can you ever have too many pictures of shrimp? And what do you mean rolling in feces doesn't provide me with immunity from the law? I thought this was America!

Nope. Just another episode of the lost at home podcast.

Episode 57 “Tomato Robot Armageddon”


Need to crowd source some money for sex toys, dumb shirts, and even dumber wrist guards? Have you ever wanted to take pictures inside a vagina? Will friendly tomato-feeding robots be the end of mankind? What does it say about someone who smokes weed and gains an appetite...for horse dick? Those are just some of the questions we'll be answering on this week's Lost At Home Podcast, not to mention a new audiobook snippet from the Wonderful Mr. Roy Wells and a track by Sonic Jalopy and ElemEnohPee.

Episode 56 “Shrinkage”


Can your dick or nipples retract back into your body? Need a place to drop off that unwanted baby? Is it possible to power our planet by masturbating and will it help save polar bears' penises? Why do South Koreans love adultery so much? The Lost At Home Podcast will attempt to answer these questions in the latest episode.

Also on the podcast, we discover a hidden gem by the name of Roy Wells, narrator extraordinaire, Mary Poppins gets some much-needed death metal treatment, Alien Tampon the Movie and what the hell, Kirk Cameron.
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