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Episode 72 “You’re Going to Hate Us”


Need a cure for AIDS, MERS or just about anything except cheese addiction? North Korea's got you covered. How do you get back at an ex? Ruin all your stuff. And what connection does ketchup and Pokemon have to adult films? Listen in and get lost with us for that and much more...like listing off 718 Pokemon...twice, plus another reading from the Diaries of Trashy McTrashTrash!

Episode 71 “Aggravated Battery”


How much stupid can one state have? If you're Florida, all of it!

We've got a Florida flaming firework failure, fantasy firearms, fowl fights and a fleeing fella furiously fighting for freedom from the fuzz.

And some dude wacked off in Walmart and wiped his "fluids" on some hefty bags...ewww is right, on the Lost At Home Podcast.

Episode 70 “Clowning Around”


Ever worry about getting torn apart by post-apocalyptic clowns? You will now. How does the future affect the past? I dunno. How much exercise does sex account for? A FitBit for your junk will tell you all you need to know. And when is it okay to commit arson? I'd say if you lose your crappy job at KFC, that's good enough a reason for me.

All this plus discussions on Bill Murray, crazy futuristic science, heavy metal music and vampire battle dance-offs.

Won't you take a moment and get lost with us?

Episode 69 “Interactive Cuckolding”


How good was Avengers 2? Could it ever be as good as Kung Fury? Are computerized pants the future of park masturbation? Has occupational safety for porn shoots gone too far? Shouldn't men of God be allowed to have gay sex in public and embezzle; at least as much as police should have the right to fuck coked up hookers on a golf course in front of minors?

In the latest sexisode from The Lost At Home Podcast, we attempt to shed light on some of these question. Take a minute and get lost with us.
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