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Bonus Episode: Lost At Vermont Comic Con 2015


We have here a collection of guest interviews we gathered while at Vermont Comic Con 2015. The collection includes con-goers, artists and vendors talking about their experience at the con and answering our high pressure Five Questions. Even owner J Moulton submits to the questions after discussing the overwhelming success of this year's Vermont Comic Con.

Episode 84 “The One With Blu Carson”


How sexy can Disney be? Author Blu Carson stops by the show to let us know and to discuss her book Dark Rides: Erotic Disney Theme Park Adventures. We also recap our trip to Vermont ComicCon 2015, discuss politicians screwing dead pigs, find out how many boner pills it takes to see green and later we talk with Pete Talbot about the cardboard pinball machine PinBox 3000.

DISCLAIMER for Dark Rides: This book is in the style of personal adventures and is more fictional. It does not promote breaking any laws. Do not attempt to do any sexual acts or trespass into any backstage areas of Disney. To do so is at your own risk and may result in being banned or going to jail.

Episode 83 “Sixfinger Death Punch”


What the f*#k is Sixfinger? Jer and Scott have a few ideas, none of which are SFW.

What does Chuck Wendig have to say about the criticism of his inclusion of gay Star Wars characters? Well, it has to do with Jesus kicking lepers so that's pretty cool.

Could you ask for anything more? Well, we're also giving you a new Trashy McTrashTrash reading and Bruce Bruce stops by for a special edition Web Droppings.

All it takes is a minute and you'll be Lost with us.

Episode 82 “Gay Star Wars Waffle House”


The End is nigh as gay characters abound in the sinful new Star Wars book. We were okay with a space mafia blob holding a woman prisoner in shackles, but gays?! Humanity is ruined!

Also, Labor Day sucks, the Waffle House is dangerous, Staten Island delusional shysters are hilarious, and cheating boyfriends are stupid.

And Vermont ComicCon's J Moulton stops by to talk about what amazing things to expect this month when the Con touches down in Burlington, Vermont.

Episode 81 “Butter Churners 7″


Are homemade guns a cause of increased crime in Australia? Is Kellog's a masturbation friendly company? Did an adult star get tricked into blowing her brother? A new game this week sees Scott looking to stump Jeremiah with some Snopes-ed (or non-Snopes-ed) stories.

Plus, we uncover some beer flavors that sound too good to be terrible, a Portland serial pooper, BJs for freedom and a Star Wars/Daft Punk mashup, Darth Punk, by the geniuses Infectious Designer. Get Lost with us!
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