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Episode 98 “Lost in 2015″

It's a year-end spectacular, not a clip show! Listen in as we revisit our greatest moments from 2015, including cuts from interviews with Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Dan Harmon (Community, Rick and Morty) and James Adomian--er, I mean "Bernie Sanders."

We've got our best 5-star review tracks, from Juggalos to anthemic ballads, and various skits from the past year. And midget talk. So. Much. Midget talk.
And what would a geekworthy not-a-clip-show clip show be without capitalizing on Star Wars mania? From our talks with Dan Harmon about JJ Abrams' take on the saga to our own perverse fan fiction take, we cover the bases.
Happy New Year, and we look forward to losing more time with you in 2016!

Episode 97 “Slow Roasted Incest”


What better way to say "Happy Holidays" than with the gift of a sexy, sexy app? Do regular boobies bore you? There's an app for that and about every other sexual appetite, if you know where to look.

And what's a holiday without the food? How about hipster eggnog and Mountain Dew chicken wings, does that do the trick?

Curl up with a warm cup of coffee and some cozy incest and get lost with us.

Episode 96 “Buffering Jesus”

Aliens, holograms and Jesus, oh my! We're back to celebrate the holidays with week two of our Christ coverage. Project Blue Beam conspiracy theories set the tone as Scott and Jer take us through the steps leading to the New World Order.

In other news, there's spray that smells like cats, urns that are shaped like your head and ramen-flavored candy to keep your holiday spirit alive.

Episode 95 “Cosby Miracles”

First amendment? who needs it?! From the coddled generation to college students, it's the Jesus Years, Millennial Edition.

And if that's too serious for you, let's chat dick bread, Russian roulette starter kits and play another round of Is It Snopes'ed in Web Droppings.

And Leonardo DiCaprio gets f#$ked by a bear.

Episode 94 “HULK SMASH!!”

We celebrate our friend Baby Jesus in an interesting fashion as we kick of December, a new month with a new theme. Let's just say we talk about babies and keep it at that. In web droppings, we've got a zombie baby Jesus, in our toy segment we bring life to Bro Bands reviews and in Herro Prease we find it's better for Chinese drivers to kill you with their than to injure you. So many facts, so little use for them.

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