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Episode 109 “Ransomed to the Oldies”


Where is Richard Simmons? Tied to a radiator with his own sweatband, forced to eat from the floor while his captors await their glorious payday most likely! Oh, never mind, he's fine. Tune in as Scott and Jer lend their thoughts on the non-mystery. But first, there are some new beautiful words to discuss, stupid people to berate and a range of new Amazon products to chat about. And don't miss the passionate reading from the fine new Kindle book, "Leonardo Decaprico Finally Wins His Award And It Pounds Him In The Butt." And after the show, do yourself a favor and check out the new video by Carpenter Brut, "Turbo Killer."

Episode 108 “The One With Larry Cohen”


Larry Cohen graces us with his presence this week to talk about his new comic book project Praying Mantis and, of course, to talk film. He is kind enough to share all aspects of his career with us, from brainstorming with Alfred Hitchcock to how it feels to have John Wayne throw your script into the ocean. You'll know Larry from a wide array of amazing films and television work, such as: The Stuff, Phone Booth, the It's Alive series, The Defenders, A Return to Salem's Lot and the Maniac Cop series. After the interview, you can find out more about Larry Cohen at http://www.larrycohenfilmmaker.com and head over to http://laurenelandon.biz/ to pick up a limited edition, signed copy of the comic Praying Mantis.

Episode 107 “The One With Laurene Landon”


We have an exclusive this week with the wonderful actress Laurene Landon, who phones in to unveil her new comic book project Praying Mantis. Before the reveal, she is kind enough to discuss her film career, from the days of learning to wrestle for All the Marbles to her role in the upcoming film Sky. The latter has already garnered accolades galore following its appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival and also stars Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds) and Lena Dunham (HBO's Girls). The years in between are not to be dismissed either, with films like Airplane 2, Hundra and Maniac Cop to name a few, so there's plenty to talk about!

Episode 106 “Human Sandwiches”


We all have a little fine young cannibal in us, right? Some just take it to the extreme, like the subject of our discussion this week, who decided the taste was too good to not share; and so the Baltimore Body Burger was born.

In web droppings this week, Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer, Katy Perry is JonBenet Ramsey and a Pennsylvania high school honors student is a 23-year-old Ukrainian man (one of these is true).

And Bruce Bruce stops by for whatever reason. Probably something to do with koalas again.

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