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Episode 113 “The One With Ralph Garman”


Special guest Ralph Garman (Family Guy, Red State, Mallrats 2) phones in this week to talk Hollywood Babble-On and working with Kevin Smith. While we're at it, he'll give us insight on doing radio vs. podcasts, his dream impersonations, the kind of hurt he'd put on celebrity nursing homes and how to fill the gap in the very underrepresented necrophiliac porn market. And do we dare ask him any more questions about Batman Vs. Superman? Yes. Yes we do.

In a short web droppings, we look at historically accurate virtual reality cereal and cubed Japanese dogs. Then Jer tells some emo knock knock jokes and we end the show on some classic Torpedo Rodeo music from the album "Vs. Sharktopus."

Episode 112 “Pterodactyl Dinosaur Spermo Plasmoids”


So many animals to get f**ked by, so little time. And it's not just existing animals like dolphins either. Even the Mesozoic beasts are getting in on the action! This week, Lost At Home brings you a special Smells Like Sex edition of web droppings, complete with said animal activities as well as Ted Cruz's war on fun, banned porn in North Carolina, Star Wars filth and much more.

Also, let's see if we can save Matt Damon from Mars in another trolling story update from our listeners!

Episode 111 “House of Bones”


A quick Troll followup from last week lends for some solid discussion at the top of this week's show as some submitted trolling stories range from cats and dogs to The Simpsons to poopy underwear. Then in web droppings, just how much of a chocking hazard are octopuses and can they even be responsible for...DUN-DUN-DUUUUNNNN...murder? Sure, probably. And in AV news, the Police's Every Breath You Take gets even creepier and Hamburger Helper drops a mean-ass mixtape.

Episode 110 “Trollin’ With My Homies”


What happens when you let the Internet do anything? It'll f*#k with you. Just ask Boaty McBoatface or Mountain Dew. Scott and Jer revisit some of trolling's past this week and bring a few of the latest trolling stories to the front as well. Also in the show, a new country is born, Pornhub gets into the VR game and Floridiots galore.

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