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Episode 117 “Drugs!”


Weed? Boring! Cocaine and heroin? Nice try grandpa, but the kids today are a bit more original than you. This week, Lost At Home brings you some new, mostly dumb ways to kill brain cells, whether it's via anti-poop medicine or fermented sewage. 

In news, we've got phones from the future, artificial meteor showers and most Texans are gay!

Dave Thomas approved.

Episode 116 “The 9/11 of Bananas”


Bananas, hot Australian vegans and 9/11 are the core of the discussion this week with Bruce Bruce stopping by to give his thoughts on the matter, as well as some necessary Peter Jackson jabs.

In Web Droppings, we get the VT connection to the mystery Trump tombstone, a Burger King spa and Bunk Moreland from the wire beats up some Bernie Bros.

Episode 115 “SModCo Special”


What do Andrew McElfresh, Brian O'Halloran and Scott Schiaffo have in common? Well, they're all big players in the Kevin Smith universe, of course, but they've also all appeared on The Lost At Home Podcast. This week Scott and Jer revisit these interviews with reverence. Remember...it's a "special," not a clip show.

Episode 114 “The One About Hollywood Babble-On”


Whores of Babble-On. That could be used to explain Scott and Jer this week as they gush about getting some time to hang out with Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith. But no worries, they get into the good stuff in web droppings with some signs of the end times, thanks to Prince, racist Pornhub emojis, butt poking toys, and enough Florida stories to choke a camel being humped by a Florida man. And Sonic Jalopy provides us with a new Mitt Romney campaign song. Better late than never!
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