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Episode 126 “#FishBra”


Get caught up on the latest craze! No, not Pokémon Go, but “fish bras!” But of course there has to be at least one Pokémon-related story that slipped through the cracks and Lost At Home has it for you. Later, our favorite author Chuck Tingle trolls the trolls, and Justin Roiland and ‘Rick and Morty’ beat everything out at Comic Con. And move over North West, Apple and Jermajesty, there are even stranger baby names out there, enough so to get banned in some countries. Scott and Jer save you time and feed you the short list so you can get back to whatever form of Pocket Monster you’re wrangling while reading this.

Episode 125 “Mike Pence: Lizard Man”


It’s time to catch up on who exactly this Mike Pence Trump VP candidate is and Lost At Home has the answer. Pence. Is. Lizard People. We dish out the truth behind that and give a quick rundown of all his other attractive qualities, from fetal funerals to a hatred of Mulan to a vampire daughter; Pence is quite the character.

Elsewhere in the show, we have Florida headlines and an Indiana man’s plea to racists to send him back to Africa.

Episode 124 “Wishboning the Holocaust”


Good friend of the show Jason Northrup stops by to chat with Scott and Jer about all things Pokemon, sexy cling wrap, erotic Florida ladies and Fran Drescher. And Bruce Bruce stops by to give some insight on Aussie news and some opinions on China. Why not?

Episode 123 “Sexy Skynet”


It’s sexy tech week at Lost At Home this week. Whether it’s getting free nude photos in exchange for not voting for Donald Trump, robots escaping their human slave drivers or Brexit porn, we’ve got you covered. And if you want some fun new prank ideas, listen to the end for our AAA segment.

Episode 122 “The One With Davin Wood (Great Job!)”


Tim & Eric's Davin Wood calls into Lost At Home this week and discusses his work on Awesome Show, Tom Goes to the Mayor and his recent work on Heidecker and Wood. Throughout the interview, we'll ask the important questions, like why did everyone have to rock so mildly in the 70's? We'll also learn why you shouldn't talk s#!t about Huey Lewis & the News, why Davin has a grudge with Empire Strikes Back and why Watership Down is the greatest movie score ever.
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