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Episode 134 “Barbie the Breatharian”


If you like crazy, you've come to the right place. This week on Lost At Home, Scott and Jer bring crazy conspiracy theories to the table, from Satanic popstars to the most emo-tastic interpretation of Grease to all sorts of Star Wars non-fan theories.

And in this week's discussion, learn how to live on nothing but air. Or maybe you'll die of thirst and starvation, just be sure to keep some McDonald's handy if you want enlightenment.

Episode 133 “The Glasgow Effect”

If you want to know which hotels in North Korea to avoid, why the iDildo might be a bad investment or why you've never seen a real forest, stay tuned to the Lost At Home Podcast this week. Scott and Jer cover that and more, such as Thai Freddy Kruegers and sad Scots.

Episode 132 “Tears of a Juggalo”


Consumerism is king in Scott and Jer’s discussion on everything from McChicken loving to fatal kite fight clubs to diarrhea-inducing gummy bears. In web droppings, Juggalos finally get some attention in ritualistic fashion, with some help of course from southern murder forest clowns.

Episode 131 “The One With Mark Steger from Stranger Things”


Stranger Things are in the air when Mark Steger, AKA The Monster, AKA The Demogorgon, calls into Lost At Home to chat about everything from his work on Stranger Things (of course) to what makes pie so f*cking great. Mark offers up some additional tidbits for all sorts of listeners, including: Why Tool would win in a fight against Metallica (hint: Danny F*cking Carey)? How about those crazy Stranger Things fan theories roaming around the web? And what makes marine archaeology so cool (other than the obvious fact that it’s marine + archaeology)? And how about that Stranger Things season 2 we’ve been hearing so much about?
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