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Episode 142 “Disambiguation”


Through the Google Hole this week, Scott and Jer dig into the horrors of national parks after the morbid story of The Dissolving Man surfaces (unlike the man himself) at Yellowstone National Park. From there, journey into unusual deaths, German mass suicides, secret Nazi operations and dangerous hipster beards, all while the Flintstones try to sell you cigarettes.

Episode 141 “Six Degrees of Google”


Journey down the Google Hole as Scott and Jer test a slightly adjusted format for Lost At Home. See just how tangential a journey into Google can get when tangents are the goal. How does one get from leprosy-riddled squirrels to early 20th century personal ads? How about the path from Spain’s ban on memes to Mike Oldfield’s love of the Piltdown Man? Listen in to connect the dots with us. It’ll make you smarter?

Episode 140 “LAH Elections Special”


Scott and Jer recruit some friends to mix their annual Halloween skit with the horror that is the American election cycle in a Hellraiser V. Trump Election Special. After that, Lost At Home sets their aim at strange world politics, from the most fraudulent election ever to North Korea's Michael Jordan basketball. Learn something?

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