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Episode 166 “Would You Rather?”

166.jpgIn a slight break from form, Scott and Jer dig into a Web Droppings only episode, with a little “Would You Rather” game peppered in, care of Scott to keep things interesting, and Jer on his toes. Included in the droppings is a mass insane asylum burial ground, bad delivery services, dirtbags that can’t get laid without using fake porn scams, ghost mansions, satanic monuments and piss beer. Also, we go out on quite possibly the best Vermont metal band out there, Barishi. Enjoy and get Lost!

Episode 165 “Xylophone Rage”

165.jpgWTF is a frork? How do you troll one of the world’s worst televangelists? And just how angry can someone get from the sound of a xylophone? All these questions answered, as well as insight galore on prostitution for nuggets, fake musicians and using balls to apply makeup. Get Lost!

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