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Episode 171 “Greetings, From Bikini Atoll!”

171.jpgIt’s a science-ey good time at Lost At Home this week as Scott and Jer discuss a nuclear power plant that decides being pretty is an important job qualification, robot whales that may save humanity, ticks that suck even more than we think and China, which is making one of the coolest green (literally) cities on the planet. In the discussion piece, Lost At Home digs into why crime comics just became legal in Canada and details the pathetic points of the now defunct Comics Code. Get Lost!

Episode 170 “Meat Shower”

170.jpgWho does a man have to kidnap to get a shopping spree at Target for crying out loud? This week on Lost At Home, Scott and Jer cover shopping at gunpoint, bad Lego knockoffs, lizard dicks and stolen toes. Later, Bruce Bruce stops by to chat about deep sea dick fish before Scott and Jer pick up their discussion topic of historical oddities. Want to discover the wonders of meat rain and some rock ‘n’ roll history? Then get Lost!

Episode 169 “Schrodinger’s Something”

169.jpgFrom sex androids to Goop Fest, Lost At Home Podcast has this week covered for your strange news needs. Filling in the news gaps with the stories that fell through the cracks, Scott and Jer also bring to the table the truth behind McNuggets, why liking racist Facebook posts isn’t a good idea (other than the obvious fact that they’re racist) and how to get free food in Australia. And details from Goop Fest, where Gwyneth Paltrow proves how dumb rich privilege can get. Get Lost!

Episode 168 “Babadook Pride Month”


New laws in Canada allow for dueling and fake witchcraft, there are new advances in Rice Krispies weaponry and Babadook has an iconic status in the LGBTQ community: these are just the few stories to start this week’s episode of Lost At Home Podcast. Scott and Jer also dig into the belief that bald people have gold in their heads, Steve Harvey’s new unstealable show and pot-infused pizza. Get Lost!

Episode 167 “Fidget Spinner Fetish”

167.jpgCan robots bless us? Does God use a cell phones? What can you pull with a penis? All these questions are answered this week during Lost At Home’s episode-long web droppings segment. In the mix, Scott and Jer also discuss hunting from hot air balloons, the sad, sad state of Radio Shack and their social media presence and some commonly misspelled words by state, care of Google. Get Lost!

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