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Episode 175 “The Tortoise and the Rabbit”


Lost At Home gears up for the upcoming VT Comic Con with owner and all-around great guy Jason Moulton phoning in to chat the con, wieners and all sorts of other stuff. In a truncated Web Droppings, Scott and Jer talk about turtles: sex toys and turtles, men dressed as turtles...that’s it. Get Lost!

Episode 174 “Reverse Purge”

174.jpgSome big news on the Fireball Whisky front gets Jer revved up this week on Lost At Home Podcast, as well as some other big news regarding a future interview with legendary horror composer Fabio Frizzi. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In Web Droppings, some Boaty McBoatface and Ark Encounters updates are in order before getting into the droppings proper. There Scott and Jer chat about a reverse purge and cops that are bad at corruption in Baltimore, bad eye care, a Star Wars/Star Trek tussle for the ages and pocket flamethrowers to ward off perverts. Get Lost!

Episode 173 “Monster Food Pairings”

173.jpgEmbedded GIFs in DNA starts Lost At Home Podcast off on a classy science note before Web Droppings devolves into discussions about Walmart being the most popular home for sex offenders, a new wrestling heel riling up Trump’s America with his liberal agenda, flat earth nonsense, new PC Disney rides and a Suicide Squad act people may actually want to watch (hint: it has to do with Australians having sex in public). Later, Scott and Jer are turned onto a new “hillbilly punk” crypto-themed band called Captain Catfeesh and listen to a few of their tunes to leave the show. All this and only exactly only this at Lost At Home Podcast. Get Lost!

Episode 172 “X-wing-ennials”

172.jpgThings start off tangential this week on Lost At Home with some heated discussion about Scott and Jer’s newly titled microgeneration, xennials. When Web Droppings finally gets under way, Lost At Home digs into NPR’s violent July 4th tweets, Sweden’s answer to men ruining music festivals and kangaroos confusing cars. The show ends with a Lost At Home exclusive original mix version of Midwave’s new track, ‘Something’s Gotta Give.’ Get Lost!

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