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Episode 184 “Rapper Bob’s Science Class”


Rapper B.o.B. takes center stage in this episode of Lost At Home Podcast as Jeremiah and Scott break down his yearning to prove the Earth is flat (again). In Web Droppings, Yoda appears in textbooks in Saudi Arabia, there may or may not be a new kind of ransomware to watch out for and the world was supposed to end a week or so ago. Get Lost!

Episode 183 “Juggalo Week 2017″


It’s the third annual Lost At Home Juggalo Week. The 2017 edition brings a lot of Juggalo news to the table, with not only a US and UK Gathering of the Juggalos to report on, but the oh-so-important Juggalo March on Washington. Scott and Jer cover all of that and more and even have time to toss in some non-Juggalo clown stories in and chat about the new version of Stephen King’s IT that is demolishing box office records. Lost At Home even brings in a special clown correspondent, Meat Horn, to offer a clown’s perspective on it all. Get Lost!

Episode 182 “The One With Fabio Frizzi”


Legendary film composer Fabio Frizzi calls in this week to talk about his upcoming pair of shows in Brooklyn right in time for Halloween. Fabio is well known for his work on classic Lucio Fulci horror films such as The Beyond, Zombi 2 and City of the Living Dead and will be performing cuts from those scores live with his 8-piece band. In his chat with Scott and Jer, Fabio talks about the experience of scoring a film live, working on horror classics and geeks out about some of his favorite synthesizers. It’s time to get Lost!

Episode 181 “The One With Ryan Ridley”


Rick and Morty's Ryan Ridley calls in this week to discuss his work on Rick and Morty, Community and Channel 101. In the process he teases some upcoming projects and talks about the Rick and Morty writers' room controversy, with a message or two for the sexist dumb-dumbs around the web. In our 10 Questions, Ryan touches on the weirdness of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, the best ways to torture a heckler and which Rick and Morty character is his favorite. Get Lost!

Episode 180 “Invasion of the Tsunamibots”


The Tsunamibots invade Lost At Home Studios this week to impose their message of human crushing and their robot balls to the robot walls digital surfitude on the human listeners. Fresh off the heels of the Vermont Comic Con after party show, where they decimated thousands of puny humans only looking to have a good time, the Tsunamibots let Scott and Jer live for a few moments more to spread their agenda. They politely agree to the 10 questions where we get their thoughts on Pokemon, famous robots, appliances, Siri and natural disasters. Get Lost!

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