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LAH Classics “Episode 150″

classic.jpgJer is so sick of the holidays that he actually got sick for the holiday, so this week Lost At Home pulls one from the vault from nearly 50 episodes ago to give you all a sneak peek/reminder of what kind of special fun is to come for our next special episode, 200. Enjoy this blast from the past when Scott and Jer were 40-something episodes younger. Get Lost!

Episode 196 “2017 Holiday Spectacular”

196.jpgIt’s the final holiday-themed show of the year and Scott and Jer pick back up on the old Puritan war on Christmas from the 1600s while Santa Claus pops by to say hello. We find out neat things about ol’ St. Nick, like how he doesn’t like poor people and has a crippling addiction to “snow.” In Web Droppings, the infant circumcision trainer makes another appearance, a half-naked Jesus stops traffic and Bruce Bruce and another special friend of the show stop by to talk Christmas in Australia. Get Lost!

Episode 195 “Holiday Horror”

195.jpgLost At Home digs into more holiday horror as Scott and Jer dive into the legends of Austrian witches, Norwegian gnomes, Icelandic cats, French cannibals, freestyling zombie horses and incontinent logs. Get Lost!

Episode 194 “Low-Effort Altruism”

194.jpgLost At Home gives back this holiday season with our first annual Cash 4 A Cause! Then, Jer shares a list of gifts to give people you hate, upside down Christmas trees are all the rage, China makes electric boats to ship coal, a Michigan Attorney General candidate finds a way to combat sexual assault issues in politics, Jesus hides a message in his ass and Lost At Home gets lost in Massachusetts! Get Lost!

Episode 193 “Krampus Fap Check”


In an effort by Lost At Home Podcast to make every holiday as Halloween-ey (haha...weenie) as possible, Scott and Jer dig into the legends of Krampus just in time for the winter holiday season. Get some background on the best damn seasonal demon on this here flat Earth. Keeping with the upbeat theme for the holiday of cheer, the show ends talking about various Internet suicide cults. Merry Holidays meatbags. Watch out for demons, cry yourself to sleep and get Lost!

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