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Episode 199 “Human Traffic Jam”

199.jpgLost At Home Podcast is about to hit episode 200, but before it does Scott and Jer get up to some monkey business in a primate-themed Web Droppings. What do monkeys have to do with prostitution, Chris Brown, catapults and herpes? Listen in and find out. To round out the show, some tech updates include drinking and droning in New Jersey and robot strippers. And last but not least, our good friends MIDWAVE have a new album out and we have the pleasure of airing a new track to end the show. Get Lost!

Episode 198 “Lightening the Load”

198.jpgTo start this week off at Lost At Home, Scott and Jer offer an update to their predictions, this one care of Von Braun as it relates to space! In Web Droppings, learn how to spam a spammer, take a visit to Mike Tyson’s weed ranch, 3D print your death, plug in to a telepathic computer and whiten your penis. It’s time to Get Lost!

Episode 197 “Gay Baker vs. Straight Baker”

197.jpgHappy 2018, we’re all going to die! Scott and Jer start off with some bleak Nostradamus predictions for 2018 before setting your minds at ease by pointing out how bad some predictions can be by revisiting some grossly inaccurate predictions from years’ past. In Web Droppings, New Zealanders build a sand bar, people keep uploading Hamilton to Pornhub and the Nigerian prince is actually from Louisiana. Get Lost!

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