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Episode 228 “DolphIncel”


Scott and Jer dig try out a new rapid-fire segment to start the show with news tidbits that are interesting but didn’t make the full cut for Web Droppings. Then Lost At Home moves into some updates on old stories involving sexed up dolphins and sex doll brothels. In Web Droppings, a Chinese couple doesn’t know how to bang right, a former NFL player wants to keep his dead dad’s head and a Nascar driver is punished for dumb $#*t his dad said before he was born. Have fun and Get Lost!

Episode 227 “The Mother Claus”


Naughty America wants to get into the deepfake business, a man has a spectrally spectacular idea to get his ex-fiancee back, a woman breaks off an engagement for totally legitimate reasons and a North Carolina town has Bigfoot written all over it. Also Scott and Jer spend an obscene amount of time brainstorming a new Santa Claus movie. Get Lost!

Episode 226 “Opera Fight”


Scott and Jer play it loose with some updates on last week’s ghost sex update and celebrate a host of new sponsors to the show. Also, Scott digs deeper into hail facts before Web Droppings proper kicks in with cemetery theaters, opera fights and drunk wasps! Also, friends of the show Santa and Classico Domingo call in to give their thoughts. Get Lost!

Episode 225 “Halloween in August”


It’s Halloween in August, so you know what that means! You don’t. Neither does Lost At Home Podcast, but Scott and Jer make it up as they go and tackle the stories that go bump in the night like: a woman pregnant with a ghost baby, a mysterious canadian cryptic creature, a dog that causes a man to lose all his limbs (beat that, Cujo), a new dangerous epidemic and the deadly power of hail! Get Lost!

Episode 224 “Uber Confessions”


Bigfoot porn heats up the Virginia congressional race, vomit fraud hits Uber customers and BBQ's and orgies aren't always the same thing. That's just a taste of what Lost At Home Podcast has this week. Also, to celebrate the seven Robin Hood movies in development, Scott tests Jer with an impossible guessing game. Get Lost!

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